The Coaster101 Podcast Episode 2: Reopenings

The Coaster101 Podcast is back this week! Eric, Shane, and Andrew gather again to discuss park closures and reopenings. We talk about things we’ve seen that make us excited, things we’ve seen that make us terrified, and whether we think there’s a chance some parks might have to reclose. We also talk to Chris Foshee from Worlds of Fun about how they’ve gotten ready for their reopening. We also learn about what new tools they’re implementing to try to keep people safe.

Chris Foshee from Worlds of Fun joined us to talk about their reopening. WoF is open to passholders today!

Finally, check out our article on the opening of Dollywood for another look at how parks are reopening.

Find The Coaster101 Podcast in all of your favorite podcast apps. If you can’t find it yet, let us know, we think is SHOULD be up on all major platforms now, so hopefully we haven’t missed any.

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