Kings Island’s Banshee Lift Hill Rises

Kings Island’s B&M inverted coaster continues to grow seemingly each day. The park sent us a photo and video of the ride’s towering lift hill rising into the sky.

KI 052

© Kings Island

“Workmen install column number seven for the 167-foot tall lift hill on the new Banshee roller coaster at Kings Island on Thursday. The world’s longest inverted roller coaster debuts in April 2014 at the 364-acre amusement and waterpark. Riders will scream their way through 4,124 feet of track and seven inversions at speeds up to 68 mph. After plunging down a 150-foot first drop, riders will go through a Curved Drop, Dive Loop, a loop interacting with the lift, Zero-G-Roll, Batwing, Outside Loop, Spiral, In-Line Roll and Carousel.”

Watch a video of the construction below:

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