Iron Gwazi, Emperor Begin Testing

Monday was a day of bi-coastal roller coaster testing at SeaWorld-owned parks as Iron Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa and Emperor at SeaWorld San Diego made their first test runs, inching us ever closer to the coasters’ openings.

Iron Gwazi

Earlier on Monday afternoon, social media erupted with footage of Iron Gwazi making test runs.

The testing began approximately 24 hours after the last piece of track was placed on the record-breaking RMC coaster on Sunday afternoon.

Iron Gwazi will take riders over the top of a 206-foot tall lift hill at a 91-degree drop, and send them through three stomach-churning inversions and 12 airtime moments. Check out our interview with Project Manager Andrew Schaffer to learn more about Iron Gwazi!


Over on the West Coast, Emperor took its first “dive” on Monday as well.

Testing, 1,2,3. We’ve *officially* started Emperor testing! ? Dropping Spring 2020. Who is ready to ride? ?

Posted by SeaWorld San Diego on Monday, March 9, 2020

Emperor’s track was completed, and a car placed on the tracks in February. Unlike its’ fellow SeaWorld parks’ B&M dive coasters, Emperor does not feature a “water splash” brake.

Like Iron Gwazi, Emperor will also feature three inversions, but as a B&M Dive Coaster, will tackle them in a completely different manner.

Both Iron Gwazi and Emperor are scheduled to open this spring. For more information, be sure to visit the respective parks’ websites, and follow them on social media.

Busch Gardens Tampa: Official Iron Gwazi websiteFacebook | Twitter | Instagram

SeaWorld San Diego: Emperor Website | Facebook | Instagram


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