A Closer Look at Kentucky Flyer’s Beautiful Trains

Kentucky Kingdom’s new-for-2019 Kentucky Flyer wooden coaster has begun testing, and the park shared with us some very cool photos of the coaster’s airplane-themed trains being installed on the track and commissioned.

Like presents waiting to be unwrapped, each car of Kentucky Flyer’s two “Timberliner” trains — also a product of the coaster’s designer, Gravity Group — arrived sheathed in orange and white layers of protective plastic.

The Timberliner trains are commonly found on the company’s small- to medium-sized coasters similar to Kentucky Flyer.

After being uncovered, the trains were then hoisted onto the track for calibration.

Gravity Group touts the Timberliner trains as being low maintenance with a high capacity and superior comfort for riders.

And as demonstrated by Kentucky Flyer, the trains are very customizable.

The coaster’s two trains — one gray and one blue — will each seat 12 riders.

The sleekness and detail of these trains are very impressive. Kudos to Gravity Group for the incredible design work.

With the “test dummies” in place, the trains were ready to roll — literally:

Though the ride looks sharp even on a gloomy day, its red and white color scheme is even more striking on a clear day:


Kentucky Flyer’s lift hill stands 47 feet tall and is followed by a 45-foot drop. The coaster reaches a family-friendly top speed of 35 mph along its 1,280 feet of track. The 40-inch minimum height requirement means that even younger kids will be able to ride.

The park tweet a short video of the train climbing (slowly) to the top of the lift hill:

The lift will be faster once it’s fully operational.

Hopefully, we’ll see an on-ride POV video soon for those of us who can’t wait for opening day (me).

The park also sent us a stunning overview of the coaster’s layout, which puts into perspective the size of the sprawling out-and-back layout:

Kentucky Flyer is scheduled to open to the public on Sunday, April 28, 2019. Stay tuned for more overage as opening day approaches!

What do you think of Kentucky Flyer’s trains? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.