Cheetah Hunt construction update

Cheetah Hunt’s track work is now complete, and below you will find some photos from the days leading up to the completion of the long track-construction process.

The ride’s iconic figure-8 tower element looms over the pathway below. This adds to Busch Gardens Tampa’s already-dynamic skyline.

Cheetah Hunt will actually jump over the park’s Skyride. This will surely provide an exciting effect to riders of both rides.

Although some speculated that the designers encountered a problem when dealing with the Skyride, the ride was never a problem according to discussion inside our forum.

Now that’s some curvy Intamin goodness right there!

The coaster’s only inversion looks as though it might pack a punch!

The area surrounding Cheetah Hunt will soon become a lush Cheetah habitat.

And there you have it! Cheetah Hunt is well on its way towards opening date. Stay tuned here for more updates on the coaster’s progress.

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