January 2019 Copperhead Strike Construction Update

Back on New Year’s Eve, we were able to get a good look at the construction of Copperhead Strike with an “unofficial” tour from Steve Jackson, Director of Construction and Maintenance at Carowinds. While there’s no such thing as a bad day at Carowinds, the New Year’s Eve photos turned out a little grey. What a difference two weeks makes!

Yesterday, under beautiful blue skies, Carowinds hosted a construction tour for members of the media to see how the Carolinas’ first dual-launch coaster was progressing. Here’s a little of what we saw!

Megaphones in hand, the tour was led by Lisa Stryker, Carowinds’ Communications Director, and Steve Jackson.

The tour started at the restaurant formerly known as Wings, which is currently being transformed into Blue Ridge Country Kitchen as part of the surrounding area’s “Blue Ridge Junction” re-theme. It will have an all new seating area.

The former game stands in the area have been removed, really opening up the area. All of the asphalt that made up the paths is going to be replaced by brick pavers, resulting in a “cooler” experience, both aesthetically and temperature-wise.


Everyone was hard at work in the area surrounding the launch barn. The facade of the “launch” barn looks fantastic, with some roofing left to complete.

The ride structure for the Mountain Gliders was in place, with vehicles yet to be installed. We’re excited to see the gliders return after their one year hiatus!

A look at Copperhead Strike’s Station, which is steadily being worked on. I’m probably biased, but themed stations are amazing. If you’ve gotten this far and are wondering where track photos are, we’ve got you covered.

Copperhead Strike’s Inverted Top Hat and Second Loop, the Fourth and Fifth Inversions.

Construction vehicles were every where. Even though the park is technically “closed,” work definitely doesn’t stop!


Copperhead Strike is a beautiful mess of steel, and I mean this in the best possible way.

Steve Jackson showing us the difference between a grouted support, and one that had not been grouted yet.


A look at the second launch, which goes from 35mph to 50mph through the second loop. That pop of airtime before the inverted top hat is going to be amazing.

The outer shell of the track storage building is coming together.

Entering the second launch.

A few wider looks at the construction site. This is going to look fantastic when complete!

The Copperhead Strike Model, which made its debut at MACK Rides’ IAAPA Booth in 2018, was also on display.

#ReturnOfTheMACK (Copperhead Strike will be Carowinds’ second MACK Rides Coaster, following Ricochet.)

Another angle of the station.

And to close out the tour, we got a quick peek over the fence to see Copperhead Strike’s JoJo Roll!

Carowinds is hard at work before the park opens for the season on March 23! For more information, be sure to visit the park’s website and follow them on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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