20 in 2020: Son of Beast at Kings Island

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7 Responses

  1. Sam Woodson says:

    I really enjoyed riding the Son Of Beast. My family and I even got free admittance to the park and $20 Scooby Bucks per person to show up early for coming on the ride. I didn’t found it too rough. Not nearly as bad as Mean Streak in it’s final years. The helix was my favorite part.

  2. dwight bolden says:

    I like riding it but it was a rough ride they should have worked on it some more.i wish it was still here because it was a grt ride especally @ night.

  3. Rebecca Sisk says:

    I rode Son of Beast both before and after the loop was removed…and I didn’t like the coaster. At all. Now, I LOVE wooden coasters — The Beast is my all-time favorite wooden coaster…but this one just wasn’t fun. It was painfully rough, and I’m not a large person but it felt like I was crammed into the tiny ride seat. It gave me a nasty headache. And…it just wasn’t fun.

  4. Gary collins says:

    Being 6’4” tall, really made it challenging to fit in to the coaster. The cars were very cramped. But despite that, my wife and I rode it several times a year. We were sad to see it close. It was without a doubt a tough ride though.

  5. Jeff vetter says:

    I rode it 1 time before
    Loop was removed, it was 1 week to the day before the incident that caused loop to be removed
    Most uncomfortable ride ever beat you to death

  6. Nathan Ellingwood says:

    I really liked the ride because it was about facing your fears. Isn’t that a lot of what coasters are about? It was extremely rough on that first double helix but the rest was decent. It was all about bragging rights when you rode it; like The Boss, Mean Streak, and Beast it was kind of like a right of passage for thrill seekers.

    • Apeters says:

      haha, you mention Boss, im guessing St louis six flags? jezzzus that thing was like dejavu of the SOB lol, without the loop. Same company if memory serves me right, it felt like it anyway, they also removed the last double helix with the most awkward jerk transition track i’ve ever survived. 🙂 OG SOB was just legend. if they only had time to cover the helixs

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