Flying Visit to Walibi Holland

We managed to get the opportunity to get to Walibi Holland to experience their new for 2016 multi element steel coaster from Mack rides, Lost Gravity.

Bringing their coaster tally to seven, this was already a good park for large attractions, but I think Lost Gravity brings something which isn’t easy to classify to the park.

Thankfully crowds were light on our visit which enabled us to ride without heavy queueing.

may16 012

The ride’s colour scheme looks quite familiar, but creates a good sense of the unusual within the theming for the attraction.

The track also has a solid boxy substantial feel to it, which you can sense upon your first ride. As you are waiting to ride, it is a very impressive looking ride with impossible looking angles and powerful transitions.


The coaster also fits well with the young audience that Walibi has in this particular park. Although not exceptionally busy there was a steady stream of riders on this humid day.

Quirky touches of theming also abound.

may16 003

My expectation was that this might be a little rough, however this definitely wasn’t the case.The seating position and restraints are comfortable. A very rideable and exciting coaster which is an excellent addition to the ride lineup.

may16 009

It also combines being a thrill machine and a popular family ride and is certainly among the best I have experienced.

Similar in design to the popular Euro Fighter from Gerstlauer, although it combines elements not seen on the Gerstlauer model.

Walibi also was quiet throughout which opened up other possibilities. I like that these parks have the ferris wheels still.

may16 014

The rapids is unique for being the only one from Vekoma.

may16 015

Lots more coasters on offer including one of their best…

may16 021

And perhaps this one…

may16 016

Overall I think Lost Gravity has given Walibi a winner.

Along with the group’s investment in the other parks this summer this could be a fabulous summer to be visiting the Walibi parks.

And hope to be back on this one again soon.

may16 011