A-Z Coaster of the Week: Outlaw Run

In 2009, Silver Dollar City solicited proposals from roller coaster manufacturers for the theme park’s next big coaster. A then-young Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) submitted plans for what would become Outlaw Run, the company’s first built-from-scratch wooden coaster.

silver doller city 2013

Four years later in March of 2013, Outlaw Run opened to rave reviews. It featured a slew of elements never before seen on a wooden coaster — or any coaster, for that matter.

When it debuted, Outlaw Run broke two major records including the steepest drop on a wooden coaster and the first wooden coaster to turn riders upside down three times.

Located in the “Wilsons Farm and Western Outskirts” section of the park, Outlaw Run sports a Western stagecoach theme: Rogue outlaws threaten stagecoaches passing through the Western lands.

The queue line — in true Silver Dollar City fashion — is meticulously themed to a Western stagecoach junction of sorts, one where time is crucial (note the abundance of clocks).

© Silver Dollar City

The wooden coaster makes full use of its hilly terrain. Riders in 24-seat trains ascend a 107-foot-tall lift hill but plunge 162 feet down a hillside, reaching a top speed of 68 mph.


The first of Outlaw Run’s three inversions follows the first drop. It’s an outside banked turn that banks the train 153 degrees before twisting back to exit the element. It’s one of the most disorienting elements I’ve encountered on a coaster.

The coaster continues at an unrelenting pace, subjecting riders to a double up, a double down, a twist-and-shout and a wave turn.

looping wooden roller coaster

© Silver Dollar City

The final two inversions comprise the coaster’s finale: a double barrel roll that exits into the brake run.


The two rolls are pitched at a slight incline, so the train slows as it completes the inversions. The final roll is taken at a relatively slow speed, so riders are treated to a generous helping of hang time.

Outlaw Run’s 2,937-foot layout was designed by Alan Schilke.

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