Carowinds’ 2019 Teasers: What Do They All Mean?

If you’ve visited Carowinds at all this season, you’ll notice that there are construction walls up in the back of the park, between Crossroads, County Fair and Carolina Harbor. Earlier this week, Carowinds added some signage to these construction walls, hinting at what’s going on behind them for 2019.

Let’s take a look at these signs, which seem full of “Easter Eggs” and other references, to see if we can figure out any details about what Carowinds is Building in 2019.

Poster No. 1: Byrd Farm Expansion

Taking a look at this sign, we have several references to Carowinds, as well as other parks in the Cedar Fair chain.


This sign notes that Granny’s Boys are at it again. Is this the same Granny, who was the campaign manager for Mayor Higganbotham’s re-election campaign in 2016? It would make sense, given the location near Carowinds’ County Fair

Higganbotham Lending & Trust

After a successful mayoral campaign in 2016, is Ernest Lee Higganbotham back to fund another addition on the state line?

Big Mock’s Demolition & Building

Depending on which corners of the internet you frequent, you may have seen photos of crates in the Carowinds parking lot with “MACK Rides” stamped on them. Something enthusiasts know that the general public might not, is that MACK is a German rides manufacturer, and rather than pronounced Mack as in “Return of the Mack,” it’s actually pronounced “Mock.” Interesting.

Chamberlain Brothers Excavation Co.


This is a non-Carowinds specific reference, but one of the central characters in the story line of Cedar Point’s Steel Vengeance is Jackson “Blackjack” Chamberlain. In his wanted poster, one of the things he was wanted for was “Destruction of Property.”

Miami River Lumber Co.

If you followed the #WhatsInTheShed saga for Kings Island’s Mystic Timbers, you’re likely familiar with the Miami River Lumber Company, where the backstory of Mystic Timbers is centered around.

Questions I have:

  • What is the significance of the Greater Carolinas Agricultural Department?
  • Who are the Byrds?
  • What does corn have to do with anything?

Poster No. 2: We Build Barns

We have another ad for the aforementioned Miami River Lumber Co, who apparently builds barns.

Cedar Trees

The top corner of the advertisement features the tagline “We strive to create, construct, and build, quality products from finest Cedar Trees in the entire country. Cedar Trees? Cedar Fair? Cedar Point? That’s a lot of Cedars.

“Means Of Vengeance”

Our lumber is obtained by Means of Vengeance. Well…if they’re going to obtain it with Vengeance, at least they’re not “steel”-ing it. (Yes, that misspelling is intentional.)


There is the number 137 in this advertisement. I originally thought it was a nod to the number of roller coasters in the Cedar Fair chain (I was wrong — there’s currently 126, this would be 127.) Could 137 be a significant number in the ride’s statistics? Height, maybe?


The Miami River Lumber Company is temporarily out of Southern Yellow Pine until their next shipment, next season. For those unaware, southern yellow pine is a common wood type used in Wooden Roller Coaster Construction, including Mystic Timbers, home of the Miami River Lumber Co. If Miami River is out of Southern Yellow Pine, this means that whatever’s being built at Carowinds will like not utilize the material. (But presumably, another park in the Cedar Fair chain will be constructing a wooden roller coaster next year? Am I reading too far between the lines?)

The Barn

The barn, at first glance seems fairly generic. But, putting my tin foil hat on, I realize I’ve seen a very similar barn on the outskirts of Carowinds.

The exterior of this barn looks very similar to the exterior of Dark Harvest, one of SCarowinds’ newest mazes. Throwing fuel to that (probably largely manufactured in my head) fire, the location of Dark Harvest is in close proximity to the construction area. Is there a tie-in between the new construction and the Haunted Maze?

Photos via Carowinds Fans Only Facebook Page

Another reason I think there might be a tie-in is the style of signage also found on the fence, which, to me, resembles the signage in the Dark Harvest queue.

Questions I have:

  • Why barns?
  • Which Cedar Fair park is building a wooden coaster in 2019 for 2020 or beyond?
  • What does 137 mean?

EDIT: 7/2/18: Sharp Eyed Readers have given us two possibilities for the significance of 137.

  • According to reader John S., Omega 137 was Professor Delbert’s human powered flying machine at Frontier town at Cedar Point.
  • And according to reader Jeremiah M., Carowinds’ former White Lightnin’ Shuttle Loop was 137′ tall. This wouldn’t be the first time Carowinds has teased a new coaster with “White Lightning”

This “Lightning” banner appeared on the construction fence for Fury 325 Construction.


Look closer at the barn’s window.


We’ll be at the park this weekend to take a look around and see if there’s anything new we can find. In the mean time, it’s tease season. Is anyone else as excited as we are?

July 6, 2018: Will Lightning Strike Twice?

We have another tease from Carowinds this week, for Whyte Lightning Spark Plugs. This image was posted on twitter with the caption, a Storm’s a Brewin’. Here are a few of the details and easter eggs in this sign that we saw.

Whyte Lightning

From 1977-1988, Carowinds had a Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop by the name of White Lightning. Why this is significant? Carowinds has teased “White Lightning” as more of a “Red Herring” for their two newest major coaster additions, Intimidator in 2010, and Fury 325 in 2015 as noted above.


The number 137 appears again in this week’s tease, and I think we may be closer based on an idea from C101 Reader Jenny, who noted that  MACK Rides has currently built 133 roller coasters. Looking at RCDB, it’s feasible that the TBA Carowinds project, if indeed it is a MACK coaster, could be coaster #137 for the company. Currently, they have Dynamite at Freizeitpark Plohn in Germany, and an unknown coaster for the Wuxi Wanda City park being built in China. If MACK announces another coaster for 2019, that would add 4 coasters to 133 for a total of 137. (If you have another idea what 137 could mean, let us know. It seems to be a common theme.)

Arrow Dynamic

Probably more of a coincidence than anything, but as many coaster fans likely know, Arrow Dynamic is a classic coaster manufacturer that has been long bankrupt. They are the company behind Carowinds’ Carolina Goldrusher Mine Train, as well as Carolina Cyclone.

More Questions.

We have a few more questions this week.

  • Who is Ron Waldrich and why is his name on the poster? A quick google search didn’t yield much, but admittedly, we didn’t go into much of a deep dive. EDIT: Our friend Taylor Bybee of Coaster Studios pointed out that “Waldrich” is very similar to the location of the MACK factory in Germany, “Waldkirch”. Good catch Taylor!

  • Is there any significance to the use of “Harness” or “Efficiency?”

A Theory:

Moonshine. There are several tie-ins so far that lead us to believe that the new coaster might have a “moonshine” tie in. Moonshine is a high proof liquor that was typically distilled illegally in the south before it became legal in certain areas in 2010. It’s made from corn (Byrd Farm), and one of the nicknames, due to its coloring, is White Lightning. There’s also the proximity to the former Thunder Road site, whose original theme involved moonshine runners trying to escape the police.

This is probably a case of us looking too far into the clues, but it’s something worth looking into!

July 7, 2018: Centurion Motor Oil

Another tease came from Carowinds over the weekend with the addition of a sign for Centurion Motor Oil.

The Return (kinda) of Centurion.

Back in 2013, Cedar Fair filed a trademark for the word “Centurion” as it relates to amusement park rides and merchandise. Enthusiasts have wondered for years where the Centurion name would finally land, after it was used to tease for Fury 325 in 2014.

Lightning Strike Logo

The lightning strike logo (or a similar version, anyway) has also been used by Cedar Fair parks before. Most notably in the logo for Mean Streak at Cedar Point. Pretty interesting tie-in.

Thunder & Lightning

Check out this photo from If you’re familiar with how Carowinds was laid out, the construction is in the area near both where Thunder Road and White Lightning resided, and this is the Thunder/Lightning tie-in. This is what makes sense to me, anyway.

Did we miss anything else with the Centurion tease? Let us know!

July 12. 2018: Four Seven! New Signs and #GrannysEpicSecret

Some more signage has popped up on the fence today, and we also have the first “official” (it uses a hashtag, so we’re counting it) social media tease that reveals some of the first “concrete” ride statistics.

First, the new signs:


  • It’s weird to me that jams are being advertised with “strengths.” I think “jam” is a code word, and Granny might be running a possibly illegal moonshine operation.
  • Scrap Metal could easily refer to a steel coaster.
  • Copper tubing is a key item in moonshine production, lending more credibility to our theory that the new coaster will have a moonshine-related theme.
  • This is also the first mention of Copper (to our recollection) in the teases. Back in April, Cedar Fair filed a trademark for “Copperhead Strike,” which many people online feel might be the name for the 2019 Project. But in the case of Centurion, just because a trademark is filed, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a name of a new attraction immediately.
  • Big Mock’s Excavatin’ makes another appearance. Pole Barns and Sheds are their specialty. What’s in the shed? What’s in the barn?

  • Big Mock also advertises Wagons, Bobleds (bobsleds?), and Flumes, perhaps another reference to other Mack Rides attractions like Avalanche at Kings Dominion? Or “flumes” referring to the former Whitewater Falls, which was located in the area currently under construction?

  • The signs are also looking for Car Parts. Like Mystic Timbers at Kings Island and Twisted Timbers at Kings Dominion, will the new attraction at Carowinds have a heavily themed train, presumably to a classic Ford?


Ride statistics are starting to come together as part of the social media #GrannysEpicSecret teasers. Every Thursday, it sounds like new details will be revealed.

Granny’s Secret Recipe so far features a cooking time of 2 minutes, 24 seconds, and serves 16 people. I feel like we’re looking at a ride time, and number of passengers per train with this information. But there’s some more information in the body of the tweet that may go otherwise unnoticed!

  • Granny’s “On A Roll.” – Could the new attraction feature some sort of heartline or zero-G roll?
  • “About to Launch” – Lots of speculation that the new attraction could feature launches.
  • 100% Proof – Many commercial moonshines are brewed at 100 proof, lending more to the Moonshine tie-ins.
  • “It packs a bite.” – Another possible tie-in to Copperhead Strike.

EDIT: Carowinds tried to sneak three more signs by us on Instagram today!

2019 will be jam-packed with fun! #GrannysEpicSecret 👵🏻 #Carowinds

A post shared by Carowinds (@carowindspark) on

Some thoughts about photos 5, 6 and 7:

  • Byrd’s Best Brand Corn — Appearances corn be deceiving? Is the corn theme a red herring?
  • Will reptile repellent mean there’s no Copperheads at Carowinds? It’s not sold in stores, so where do you buy it?

How’d we do this week? What’d we miss, if anything? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

For more information, be sure you’re following Carowinds’ social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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15 Responses

  1. Dustin says:

    Sounds like a “farm” that will tie the county fair section to the crossroads area… Would not be surprised for a whole new themed area with the removal of some games and some new shops etc. The hidden easter eggs are great! Sounds like 137ft tall if that number means anything….

  2. Dustin says:

    Dorney will get a wooden coaster 😛

  3. John Sharp says:

    Omega 137 was Doc’s elixir in Frontier town at Cedar Point.

  4. John Sharp says:

    I got that mixed up, Omega 137 was Professor Delbert’s human powered flying machine at Frontier town at Cedar Point.

  5. Jeremiah McClure says:

    Isn’t 137 the old height of White Lightning… aka this is going to be a launch coaster?

  6. Kim says:

    I think it’s going to be the longest wooden coaster around here but not saying where I get my info! 😉

  7. Trapper Dan says:

    The original Watkins farm? I’ve read that emu eggs have been unearthed by Chamberlain Brothers’ crew.

  8. Jenny says:

    According to Wikipedia, As of Mack has built 133 roller coasters as of this year. I bet this will be #137.

  9. Jenny says:

    Sorry had a typo and couldn’t edit… Mack has built 133 coasters as of this year. This could be #137.

  10. Zak says:

    William Byrd II was the founder of Richmond, Virginia and supplied the land that the city of Richmond is located on. He was also an avid planter/plantation owner and he was the chief representative from Virginia during the expedition to the survey the Virginia and North Carolina border in the 1720’s. Byrd’s name is currently found on a few places around Richmond (Byrd Theater, Byrd Park, etc.). Kings Dominion is located just outside of Richmond and I have strong suspicion that “Byrd’s Farms” is a reference to this guy and the entire Kings Dominion/Richmond, VA area. (There have also been decedents of Byrd in Virginian politics within the 20th century and I believe one even became a governor of Virginia).

  11. Zak says:

    Dang typos. Meant to say “…he was the chief representative from Virginia during the expedition to survey the Virginia and North Carolina border in the 1720’s.”

  12. Jared says:

    I like the analysis on the teasers, here are my thoughts.

    The thing in the Barn Window is the Mystic Timber Possessed Tree Monster, Its easily recognizable in person.

    I think 137 is a reference to height since White Lightning at Carowinds has a listed height of 137.8′

    Ron Waldrich could be a reference to the city Waldkirch, which is where Mack’s factory is

  13. Jenny says:

    Yes, “twice the frightening” could reference the idea of the double launch.

  14. Jenny says:

    Anyone notice he typo in ”guaranted”?

  15. James says:

    It’s a Mach multi-launch. They have Mack Ride bins on site.

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