We Say Farewell to Roar on National Roller Coaster Day

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3 Responses

  1. CoDAce says:

    ‘park that hasn’t had a new roller coaster since 2012 ‘, I’m sorry but that’s a joke.

    I don’t count relocated coasters as they’re honestly hand-me-downs.

    Six Flags America hasn’t had a brand new coaster since 2001
    Six Flags St. Louis hasn’t had one since 2008
    La Ronde hasn’t had one since 2006
    Great Escape hasn’t had one since 2005
    Six Flags over Georgia hasn’t had one since 2011
    Six Flags Great Adventure hasn’t had once since 2008.

    All of these parks have had longer timespans since a coaster was built for the park than Discovery Kingdom, so the ‘park that hasn’t had a new roller coaster since 2012’ is complete nonsense.

    And of these parks, Six Flags over Georgia (Georgia Cyclone), Six Flags St. Louis (Boss), Six Flags America (Roar, but the apparently BAD one) and La Ronde (Monstre) have good Iron Horse candidates.

    This is legitimately the first decision that Six Flags has made that has made me question their judgment. I have my issues with X-Flight (the lazy hanger cut-out) and it’s clone potential (Superman or Batman cloning), Twisted Colossus’s waste of 3,660 feet of potential (both tracks combined made out to be 8650 feet). But taking a good wooden coaster and converting it for no apparent reason (let’s be honest, only Rolling Thunder was torn down, so Roar is being converted), something is SERIOUSLY WRONG in management, the Roar is Six Flags America is apparently in more need of it, just change whatever will be done with the pre-lift and save the good one.

    I legitimately fear that the almost one-hundred year old Wild One is in danger of being Iron Horsed, in 2017 it’ll be only the FOURTH wooden coaster to turn one-hundred as well as the historic Comet at Great Escape (formerly at Crystal Beach and made from parts of the legendary Crystal Beach Cyclone) and Thunderbolt at Six Flags New England, both built before 1950. Comet is 67 years old and Thunderbolt is 76 years old.

  2. CY says:

    Great post! Cool piece of track! Wish I was there to get one. Any chance you bought any extras? Did they do the same when colossus closed?

    • Eric says:

      Thanks CY! There is a very high chance a Roar piece will be in a future Coaster101 prize pack, so make sure to enter any and all of our contests/giveaways, hah. I’m not sure if they did something similar for Colossus, but it’s definitely a good souvenir idea.

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