Six Flags Great America 2018: “World’s Largest Loop Coaster”

Six Flags Great America today announced 2018 plans for the “world’s largest loop coaster.”

Six Flags Great America 2018 world's largest loop coaster

The ride (not technically a roller coaster), standing 100 feet tall, is a larger version of Larson’s “22m Giant Loop” model that nearly every Six Flags park has received over the last few years.

The ride’s name is rumored to be “Hurricane Force” (which aligns with the tornados in the concept art). But given the tragic effects of Hurricane Harvey, the park is likely withholding the name for the time being. It’s also plausible that they may go with a different name altogether — I think any reference to a hurricane in an area tied so closely to New Orleans is a bit insensitive.

Like the smaller “Giant Loop,” Six Flags Great America’s unnamed ride will take 32 riders seated face-to-face forward and backward before completing the entire 10-story loop.

“Six Flags continues to prove that innovation is in our DNA and we are thrilled to introduce yet another world-record breaking coaster to our impressive arsenal of thrill rides,” said Park President Hank Salemi.

“Standing at 100 feet tall, this is an experience our guests cannot get anywhere else on the planet. With the multiple inversions and record hang-time, this new coaster packs a punch and is going to be one of our most intense attractions.

The ride will be located in the Mardi Gras section of the park, replacing the former King Chaos topspin ride.

Six Flags Great America is claiming the ride as its 16th roller coaster, but again, by definition this ride is not technically a roller coaster. However, it is no doubt an exciting addition to the park’s roster of flat rides.

What are your thoughts on Six Flags Great America’s 2018 plans? Discuss in the comments section below.

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2 Responses

  1. Zachary says:

    Well,since Six Flags Great America is my home park,I am pretty dissapointed.

  2. Schoup says:

    This is a LOL X1000. SF going back to the superloop well and thinks making a bigger version the 9th time of 1970’s tech ride makes it better. SF should have gave the park a Skywarp instead. The 2nd Skywarp would be way better than the 9th superloop in the chain, besides the zillion superloops at non SF parks and carnivals.

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