Star Trek: Operation Enterprise at Movie Park Germany Prepares for Launch

Star Trek: Operation Enterprise at Movie Park Germany is nearing completion, and the park is preparing for its spring 2017 debut. Over the past several weeks, the park has released several updates on the coaster’s progress.

The Star Trek-themed Mack steel coaster features both forward and backward launches, a top speed of 56 mph, three inversions and a slew of other special elements.

Earlier this month, the park took the wraps off (literally) the coaster’s sleek, Enterprise spaceship-themed trains:

Star Trek: Operation Enterprise at Movie Park Germany

As a fan of the Star Trek franchise, I’m very pleased with how these look.

So what about the ride itself? After exiting the station, the coaster will stop at a sliding transfer track. There, the train will slide sideways onto the launch track. This sliding transfer track will allow the train to be launched both forward and backwards while still (assumingly) utilizing multiple trains.

The reverse launch will send the train into a spiraling, 131-foot-tall vertical spike, allowing the train to gain momentum with each launch. After three launches, the train will have gained enough speed to complete the remainder of the 2,362-foot-long course.

Star Trek: Operation Enterprise at Movie Park Germany

Aside from the multiple launches and reverse spike, riders will be subjected to a number of elements, including:

  • three inversions: an immelmann loop, heartline roll and a zero-g roll
  • 100-degree overbanked turn
  • 270-degree helix

Star Trek: Operation Enterprise will also feature a 98-foot-tall, non-inverting top hat:

Star Trek: Operation Enterprise at Movie Park Germany

Movie Park Germany sets up the coaster’s back story just like a Star Trek installment:

Speed is of the essence. There’s no time to think. Every maneuver has to be perfectly executed. There’s only one attempt. Starfleet’s enemy the Borg have the U.S.S. Enterprise locked in their tractor beam. The ship and its crew have been captured. The bridge of the Enterprise is deserted. The only hope of rescue is to send Starfleet cadets on a bold rescue mission.

This rescue mission isn’t going to be easy. The Borg ship’s deflector shields will have to be breached so that its main systems can be destroyed. It’s the only way to save the crew of the Enterprise. Despite an incredible adrenalin rush, the cadets have to fully focus on the task at hand. That’s the new mission in deep space for Movie Park Germany’s guests.

Riders will enter the Star Trek: Operation Enterprise through a heavily themed Starfleet Academy and Federation Plaza-themed area (from the shows and movies):

The building will also include a Star Trek gift shop and other Star Trek-inspired attractions for riders and non-riders alike.

Star Trek: Operation Enterprise at Movie Park Germany

Located near the entrance to Movie Park Germany, Star Trek: Operation Enterprise will command the park’s skyline.

Watch a teaser on-ride video of  Star Trek: Operation Enterprise at Movie Park Germany below:

Watch a time-lapse video of the Star Trek coaster’s construction below:

I believe this will be the only operating Star Trek-themed roller coaster — please correct me in the comments section if I’m mistaken.

The coaster is expected to open this spring. Visit the Movie Park Germany website for more information.

What do you think about Star Trek: Operation Enterprise at Movie Park Germany? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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