California’s Great America Expanding Planet Snoopy

California’s Great America will expand its kid-friendly Planet Snoopy area in 2015 by combining its current Planet Snoopy area with the larger nearby KidZville area.


An announcement on the park’s website reveals:

For 2015, California’s Great America will expand and rebrand the Planet Snoopy kids area. Three new Planet Snoopy rides will be introduced and be in place for opening day in 2015 when Great America begins its magical 40th season. The entire area known formally known as KidZville will be morphed into the expanded Planet Snoopy.

The area’s new rides will include:

  • Joe Cool’s Gr8Sk8, an interactive ride atop Snoopy’s giant skateboard with the feeling of going off the edge
  • Peanuts 500, where racers zoom around the track and slingshot around the track ends
  • Snoopy’s Space Buggies will lift astronauts into the air for a gravity defying lunar landing

“Great America is known for its thrill rides, but we pride ourselves on a being a park for everyone. Enhancing Planet Snoopy and introducing three attractions parents can ride with children adds to our inclusive family atmosphere,” said Great America Vice President and General Manager Raul Rehnborg.

To learn more what the park has in store for 2015, visit California’s Great America’s website.


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