GCI Announces Viper and More

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2 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    That switchback reversing wood coaster looks very nice, and I’m assuming one-of-a-kind too. I do picture Elitch Gardens possibly getting that coaster eventually, and possibly being first U.S. theme park to get it, if a different U.S. theme park doesn’t beat them to it… the coaster debuting in 2015 season, if not in time for 2014.

  2. CoDAce says:

    looks like the concept of those Togo Ultra Twisters lives on in Swtichback, which makes me happy since while Ultra Twisters weren’t known for being that good of rides, the idea was cool, and those can get pretty dang big, Mount Olympus could use something like that, then again they need to fix Zeus, add more flat rides, and Eiltch Gardens could use one, and it would fit, it’s compact, and looks like they could offer thrills,
    But why does China have to get all of the awesome wooden roller coasters? first the Knight Valley one, the Dualing Dragon, now Viper, I’m surprised that not company in China has designed a wooden coaster yet.

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