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Digging Up Clues for Canada’s Wonderland 2019 Roller Coaster

Amusement parks have been killing it with the 2019 teasers so far. From Kennywood’s fun scratch and word search, to what’s brewing up at Carowinds, it’s been a really exciting time to be a roller coaster enthusiast. And it just got even better. Teasers and clues for Canada’s Wonderland 2019 roller coaster are now popping up and not just in Canada but at another Cedar Fair park too!canadas wonderland pictures

As you know, at Coaster101, we love a good tease, so we’re going to try to analyze any clue a park puts out, and see what we can figure out! Keep in mind that we’re not treating this as science, just having some fun speculating the details of what could be happening.

Here’s what we know:

Unlike Kennywood’s campaign where we really had no good clues as to the type or manufacturer of the roller coaster, we already have a pretty good idea that Wonderland’s new ride will be a B&M dive coaster. How do we know this? Track has already been installed at the park! It appears construction may have already started as early as 2017. When the park opened for the 2018 season a tunnel had been constructed in the Vortex lagoon. In fact, portions of Vortex’s track had to be removed during construction before being reassembled in time for the season. There are tarps covering both ends of the tunnel but pictures posted online show what appears to be rust colored B&M dive coaster track sticking out. So part of this roller coaster will feature a dive into an underwater tunnel. So far so good!

The Chilkoot Trail

Teaser posters have appeared inside Canada’s Wonderland advertising the Chilkoot Trail. A quick Google says: the Chilkoot Trail is a 33 mile recreational trail. Each year, over 10,000 people day hike, backpack, or trail run this corridor. Counting the hikers in the poster adds to ten – could this mean we’ll be seeing the ten across seating like on Griffon?

I think this poster also hints at the theme, and Lance over at Screamscape seems to agree: “The teaser posted by Canada’s Wonderland about the Chilkoot Trail may indicate that the park will use the associated Klondike Gold Rush as a general theme for the new coaster or the theme of a new area it will be located in. Based on the theme and location of the park’s new rides for the past two season (Soaring Timber, Lumberjack and Flying Canoes) this may tie together along a themed pathway through the park going from the Mighty Canadian Minebuster over to the new Dive Machine that could be themed to the Chilkoot Trail. White Water Canyon could also be attached to the new theme of the area easily, and possibly even Vortex who changed the previously bright paint job of the cars to a new woodgrain theme this season.”

Cedar Creek Mining Company

Here’s where things get really interesting. A poster has popped up that appears to have a number of clues about the dive coaster – but it was found at Cedar Point! Destination Thrills pointed it out to us on Twitter.

  • Cedar Creek Mining Company is a reference to Cedar Creek Mine Ride
  • Carolina Goldrusher, Calico Mining Co., Quicksilver Express, Leviathan Lumber Co., Thunder Run, Adventure Express, M.C. Minbuster – references to roller coasters at other Cedar Fair parks in the chain
  • Proper Passport Required for Passage Across the Border – this text in bold is what leads me to believe this is for sure a teaser for the park across the border, Canada’s Wonderland
  • “…An All New Northern Mining Facility…” – again, I think pointed towards Canada’s Wonderland and a hint at the coaster’s theme
  • “…the approval of Beauregard Chamberlain.” – Does that name ring a bell? He’s the owner/operator of Cedar Creek Mining Co. Also goes by the name “Maverick.”
  • “Must endure extreme heat and cold, darkness and light, tight spaces, dizzying heights, sudden drops, and wet conditions.” Could this be describing the Canadian climate perhaps as hot and cold, dark and tight spaces is for the tunnel and wet conditions means a splash down like we’ve seen on other dive coasters?
  • “We promise to offer the best of the best when it comes to housing and lodging.” – Could be a reference to a new hotel or resort.
  • “Enjoy mountain views like no other.” – A view of Wonder Mountain at the center of the park?
  • 3,215 ft. I think this is meant to be written like this:

3. 215 ft. Why?

  1. 306 ft
  2. 230 ft
  3. 215 ft

Yup, I think Canada’s Wonderland new dive coaster will be 215 feet tall, the 3rd tallest roller coaster in the park behind Leviathan and Behemoth.

Next is 3,501′. I believe this is the track length, which would make it the world’s longest dive coaster (Valravn is 3,415 feet).

137 MCBR. I think this is 137 foot tall Mid Course Brake Run. Interesting though, 137 also appears in Carowinds teasers.

#17. The 17th coaster at Canada’s Wonderland.

At the very bottom it says “Most Unique.” I think they’re going to advertise this as the most unique dive coaster layout out there.

Also, the art at the bottom of the poster looks very much like the Valravn bird.

UPDATE: An announcement has been set for August 15th, 2018!

I love how these Cedar Fair teaser are getting more detailed and reference other parks and rides in the chain, even defunct ones. What do you think? Are you enjoying this as much as we are? Let us know in the comments below!


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