Fire at Seaside Park, NJ

Just months after rebuilding the boardwalk from the damages received during Hurricane Sandy, Seaside Park, in New Jersey fell victim to a huge fire. The fire started this afternoon around 2:00pm at a frozen custard stand and eventually spread far enough to set off 10 other buildings fire alarms before any action against the fire could take place.



With 20+ mph winds, the fire was so extreme that firefighters were at one point evacuated and some were treated for smoke inhalation. Currently (as of 10:00pm EST), some of the fire is contained while other parts are still spreading north toward Seaside Heights.

The boardwalk fire in Seaside Heights.


As for the amusement rides on the boardwalk, there has yet to be any news. But, part the Funtown Pier building burned down and an iconic building that used to be a popular Haunted House ride collapsed. From some of the pictures though, you can see how close the fire is to the rides. A whale swinging ship ride appears to be right beside the flames. If any other news comes about, we will let you know.


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