Carowinds to Add New County Fair and Winterfest in 2017

After a successful re-election campaign, Carowinds‘ Mayor, Earnest Lee Higginbotham, made good on his campaign promises and announced a new County Fair area for the park, as well as a new Winterfest, both to debut in 2017.


A new lineup of family fun is coming to the place where the Carolinas come together! Take a step back through time and experience the home-grown thrills of a early era Carolina County Fair. True to this classic tradition, guests will experience a blast from the past with FOUR new rides, new food offerings, experiences and an atmosphere full of timeless fun for all ages!


After four weeks of analyzing the teases on Carowinds’ new teaser campaign, we were pretty close on our predictions, but not exactly right. Carowinds will be adding four new attractions in 2017.

  • Electro-Spin – a Mondial Top-Scan, referenced in the teases by several mentions of electricity, as well as the ride’s motion path.
  • Zephyr – a Wave Swinger, referenced by Granny multiple times, trying to get the swing vote, or swing dancing.
  • Rock ‘N’ Roller – a Music Express, referenced by Patty Cake’s continued mentions of Rock N Roll Music.
  • Do-Si-Do – a Huss Troika. We were off-base here, assumed a Break Dance was coming due to the mentions of Square Dancing from Deputy Danger, but a Troika is coming in its place instead.

Back in February, Carowinds’ Public Relations Manager Laresa Thompson noted that the new flat rides were all perfect for younger riders and families, part of the park’s initiatives to become more family-friendly.

“We’re classifying these rides as ‘tweeners,’” she told us. “They’re great for younger riders who may have outgrown the attractions at Planet Snoopy, but aren’t necessarily ready for our larger roller coasters like Intimidator or Fury 325.”


The new County Fair area will be located adjacent to the Carolina Cobra and Wings Restaurant, both of which will be receiving upgrades for the 2017 season as well.

The Carolina Cobra will be renamed The Flying Cobras, and receive a new blue paint job and theme. According to Carowinds, “Fitting for any Carolina County Fair, guests will look to the sky for an air show featuring the daring aviation maneuvers of The Flying Cobras.”

Wings’ name will remain the same, but will receive various improvements and enhanced menu offerings, perfect to accompany any family outing at the County Fair.


Also beginning in November 2017, Carowinds’ Winterfest will return to the park.

“Excitement fills the air at WinterFest, a grand celebration of the holiday season at Carowinds. Guests will be immersed in the season’s sprit with spectacular holiday lights and décor, world-class live entertainment, luscious treats and fanciful experiences throughout the park. Carowinds will be magically transformed into a winter wonderland full of enchantment and holiday cheer!”

Carowinds encourages guests to come for the sights — including the park’s signature 70′ tall Winterfest tree — the sounds — from the Miseltones singing their beloved holiday tunes from yesteryear to memorable song-and-dance shows throughout — and the fun — featuring ice skating, make-and-take ornaments, postcards to Santa and even the opportunity to pet live reindeer.


Winterfest will also feature a holiday themed culinary experience — Families can enjoy festive food and drinks including a holiday style menu featuring smoked turkey, carved hams, and Carowinds’ homemade hot chocolate.

Winterfest will be free for 2017 Gold and Platinum Pass Holders.

Check out this video highlighting the 2017 additions to Carowinds.

Are you excited for the new County Fair at Carowinds? What about Winterfest? Let us know in the comments below!

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