Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer Topped Off at Mattel Adventure Park

The Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer roller coaster at Mattel Adventure Park has reached an exciting milestone as its tallest point was recently installed. After a tunnel dark ride experience through a Hot Wheels environment, the Chance Rides Hyper GTX coaster hits a 50 mile per hour LSM launch into a 116 foot tall vertical loop. Thanks to Tim Munsil we’ve now gotten a look at the newly erected asymmetrical vertical loop and it looks quite impressive.

hot wheels twin mill race coaster construction

Photo by Tim Munsil

This new roller coaster has been fascinating to watch go up as none of the concept artwork has exactly matched the real thing, so it’s been extra exciting to see each new element added. Initially, the layout looked pretty simple: a chain lift hill into a vertical loop, Immelmann, and two corkscrews:

The next concept art appeared at IAAPA. The launch and the placement of three inversions are correct, but what happens between each inversion appears to be different on the actual roller coaster.

What happens immediately after the large vertical loop remains a mystery. The placement of the footers and a nearby billboard make it look like it will be some kind of low, tight turn, possibly like seen on the left of the concept art below.

Then the train will go through the smaller of the two loops, a wave turn, and then into a corkscrew twisting through the first vertical loop.

Photo by Tim Munsil

The rest of the layout also remains a mystery but we’re guessing there will be an airtime hill and another corkscrew before going back inside to meet up with the station. The coaster is expected to be around 2,500 feet long and last around one minute.

Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer Construction Video

For a closer look at the construction site and to see how the ride has progressed, check out Tim’s YouTube channel, Coasters and Cosplays. As Tim points on in his video, Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer is now the tallest roller coaster in the state of Arizona (out of ten, three of which are under construction). The second tallest roller coaster in Arizona will be the other roller coaster opening at Mattel Adventure Park, the 84 foot tall Hot Wheels Boneshaker: The Ultimate Ride.

Last November, we got an up-close, in-person look at the highly-themed Twin Mill Racer lead car on the IAAPA show floor. We can’t wait to see these zipping around that bright orange track.

The new Mattel Adventure Park in Glendale, Arizona is expected to open later this year.

What element are you most looking forward to on the Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer roller coaster? Let us know in the comments below!