Which coasters are too intense to ride again?

There are coasters out there that I can only ride once in a day. Perhaps I have a weak head, but I have to hold back on riding this select numbers of coasters multiple times, or else I’ll be struck with a splitting headache for the remainder of the day. I thought I would showcase a few of the memorable “one ride wonders.”

Batman: The Ride

This small coaster found at Six Flags Great America, St. Louis, over Texas, over Georgia, Magic Mountain, Great Adventure, Great Adventure, and Fiesta Texas (as Goliath)  packs quite a punch. Don’t let its small size fool you. This coaster packs 4 g’s during its 2,700 feet of track. The coaster is only about 10 stories tall, but it keeps the speed from the moment it leaves the the lifthill until it reaches the brake run. Over the years I’ve tried to increase the number of times a day I can ride Batman, however I usually can’t ride it more than once or twice in a day. Ride with caution if you have a sensitive head or a low tolerance for the sustained G-Forces! The two wingovers are usually what get me. Although it’s one of my favorite inverted coasters, I do have to ride in moderation.


Surprise! Manta at Seaworld Orlando, another Bolliger and Mabillard coaster, is next on my list. After riding the coaster multiple times this past summer, I quickly realized that the coaster was intense. Although I can usually ride the Superman: Ultimate Flight coasters several times without problem, Manta’s extended layout proved a bit too much for my head. I suffered a bit of motion sickness after back-to-back rides on the blue flying coaster. It’s a great ride, but be careful if Superman: Ultimate Flight bothers you!

Mr. Freeze

Let’s move away from Bolliger and Mabillard to our friends at Premier. Mr. Freeze is located at both Six Flags over Texas and St. Louis and launches riders from 0 to 70 mph in under four seconds. Following the launch, the train moves directly into an inverted tophat and an overbanked turn before speeding up to the point of the 218 foot tall spike. After a short “pause,” the train is launched backwards to complete the entire course again in reverse. It’s usually the backywards part that gets me. There is something about going through the inverted tophat in reverse that my cranium doesn’t like.

These are only the intense coaster that I’ve ridden. I know there are many more and that’s where you come in! Post the coasters that you find intense.

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5 Responses

  1. I was once lucky enough to get to ride Batman at Six Flags over Georgia five times, back to back, on the front row, with the fifth a “private ride”. Total of nine rides in about an hour. Yes, my neck was sore the next day, but thankfully I’m one who suffers no ills from the twisties!

  2. Jillie says:

    I’ve never rode any of those because they go upsidown I’m gonna try to ride batman and mr freeze but my defense I’m only nine and only been to six flags st Louis once other wise all ride any rollercoaster you through at me but again I’m only nine

  3. Steve C says:

    A friend of mine and I rode Batman at Six Flags Great America 4x in a row to close out a night in July, 2014! I used to think I could only ride Batman once in a row, but I shattered that belief! We stopped at 4 because the park was closing. The trick to Batman (at least at Great America) is to keep your head tucked against the headrest the entire ride! Also, I rode Superman at Six Flags Great America 5x in a row in August, 2014!! IT was end of night and I would have kept going but the park closed. That was a new personal best for consecutive rides. Superman isn’t too bad in terms of it beating you up. I did notice that the further towards the back you ride, the more positive G’s you get on that wonderful inversion(s) known as the Pretzel Loop!! I am wondering if I could ride Goliath multiple times in a row but probably won’t ever get that chance because it’s super busy right now, being the new ride at the park.

  4. Zachary says:

    Batman:The Ride is pretty force full.

  5. Zachary says:

    I rode Manta three times in a row,and I rode Batman six times without getting off!

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