The Gravity Group and The Polar Express?

At first glace you wouldn’t believe that The Gravity Group, the design team responsible for creating a number of spectacular wooden coasters, and the creative minds behind The Polar Express, the 2004 film based on the popular children’s book of the same name, would have had any dealings together. But it seems as though they have:

The Gravity Group recently shared that they were contacted by Steve Boyd and Robert Zemekis, two of the minds behind The Polar Express film, who wanted the wooden coaster designers’ help with creating the Polar Express’ roller coaster-like trip to the North Pole. They wanted an “out of control” wooden coaster experience and the guys at The Gravity Group were able to help. The two groups collaborated. The guys from The Gravity Group were able to apply their wooden coaster expertise to make sure that the final product was realistic and provided audiences with plenty of “air time.”

Now if only Gravity Group will build a coaster based on that iconic scene!