Phoenix Rising Construction Update at Busch Gardens Tampa

Phoenix Rising construction is picking up speed at Busch Gardens Tampa as the park’s new-for-2024 Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) family inverted coaster prepares to go vertical.

Update: This afternoon, Busch Gardens Tampa shared on Facebook photos of a large light blue support beam put into place — meaning vertical Phoenix Rising construction has officially begun.

© Busch Gardens Tampa on Facebook

Keep reading to see more photos from the Phoenix Rising construction site:

Phoenix Rising was announced in October of last year. Its stats are limited at this time, but we do know it will reach a top speed of 44 mph along its 1,831 feet of track.

It will be only the third B&M family inverted coaster in the world, following cloned installations at two Happy Valley parks in China, which opened in 2014 and 2018. Phoenix Rising will feature a custom layout.

Earlier this month, we spotted what appeared to be bright blue Phoenix Rising track and light blue supports en route to Florida. Unfortunately, I was unable to spot where the track is being staged.

Phoenix Rising Construction Site Overview

Phoenix Rising will be situated in the Pantopia area of the park, occupying the land formerly occupied by the Sand Serpent wild mouse coaster and the Phoenix looping starship (the inspiration behind Phoenix Rising’s name). Those two attractions closed in 2023 and 2018, respectively.

I assume the coaster will cross over the service road dividing the two construction areas.

Now let’s take a look at how the construction site is looking. There are three places to view Phoenix Rising construction from within the park.

First, if you’re tall with long arms, you can do what I did and raise your camera high enough above the construction wall surrounding the construction site in Pantopia.

Phoenix Rising construction site as seen from the Pantopia area of Busch Gardens Tampa.

The ground is dotted with concrete footers and other foundations.

Phoenix Rising construction site as seen from the Serengeti Express train.

If you can’t peek over the construction wall, I think the next best spot to view Phoenix Rising construction is from the Serengeti Express train. If you can’t make the full train loop, definitely start your ride at the station in the Stanleyville area of the park (the station under Sheikra). The train will give you a nearly unobstructed view of construction. This will definitely be a great spot to watch the track rise.

Phoenix Rising construction site as seen from the SkyRide.

If you can catch a ride on the newly reopened SkyRide, it too offers a great view of the construction site (more of a bird’s eye view).

Note: As of this posting, one-way rides cost $5 per person. Season pass, Fun Card and Preschool pass holders can ride for free. 

Given the size the location of the footers, it appears that the coaster will come very close to both the Serengeti Express train and SkyRide. I can’t wait to see the views of the coaster from these angles once it’s open.

As mentioned above, Phoenix Rising will likely cross over this service road.

Phoenix Rising is scheduled to open in spring 2024. For more information, visit the Busch Gardens Tampa website.

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