VISACOASTERS Launches New Website & New Coaster Concepts

Earlier this year, Italian amusement ride manufacturer, SBF Visa Group launched their new coaster-focused division called VISACOASTERS. Even more recently the new division launched its website filled with new details and coaster models.

SBF Visa is known for its large variety of flat rides along with its family coasters. Their most successful coaster models have been their compact spinning coasters which have over 300 installations around the world according to SBF Visa Group. The creation of this new coaster division will allow the company to focus further on developing its family coaster products and portfolio.

VISACOASTERS states, “We aim to supply models of a new generation of family coasters created with new exciting materials and re-engineered structures and develop a new generation of trains that meets the requirements of a modern design”. The 4 categories of roller coasters on the website include Boomerang Coasters, Launch Coasters, Mega Kids Coasters and Duelling/Mixed Coasters.

Boomerang Coasters

VISACOASTERS has 5 Boomerang layouts listed on their website that you can get a better look at here. Their first one is the Freak Out Boomerang which is designed to be put in a very compact footprint. Next is the Rocket Boomerang which features an out-and-back layout with more drawn-out elements. Their Orbiter Boomerang features a launch while the Rebound Boomerang features an element that crosses over the ride’s station. Lastly, there is Shift Gear which features two lifts, similar to a Vekoma Boomerang or Rewind Racers at Adventure City. The first Shift Gear coaster, Verrücktwärts recently soft-opened at Rasti-Land in Germany.

Launch Coasters

There are 8 Launch Coaster layouts on the VISACOASTERS website that you can view here. The standard single-launch coasters, in ascending order of size, are the Lil’Zipper, Lightwave and Polaris. The standard double-launch coasters are Knights Ride Double, Stargazer Double and Gridlock Double. There are also the Compact Launch and Compact Launch Large coasters which both feature a single launch and are slated to debut in 2024. Churpfalzpark in Germany is currently building a smaller layout that can be seen here on RCDB. Skyline Park in Germany is getting a larger layout with a coaster named Berg-und Tal Hetz. Additionally, VISACOASTERS states that they are capable of creating triple-launch versions of their launch coasters.

Mega Kids Coasters

Before we get to the specific Mega Kids Coasters layouts, you may be wondering what is up with the name. According to VISACOASTERS, these coasters include, “all elements that are known from real big Mega Coasters, such as steep first drops, s-curves and camelbacks”. The goal of this model is to make the mega coaster experience accessible to children. The 5 layouts you can see here include the small Lil’ Dipper, the medium Vortex and Pegasus and the large Hi-Rise and Tibiris. The steeper drops and unique profiling of the hills and turns are what make the Mega Kids Coasters stand out from the other kiddie coasters.

Dueling/Mixed Coasters

The final category of coasters from VISACOASTERS includes a variety of different coasters. The 6 layouts shown begin with the Hi-Five Boomerang which is a dueling family boomerang coaster. Next are 2 dueling Mega Kids Coasters which include the small Steeplechase Duel and medium Surfrider Duel. The last 3 are spinning boomerangs which include the Pendolo Spinning Boomerang which is straight with two spikes, the Twister Spinning which has a curved layout and the Mixed Spinning which is the largest of the 3 that may feature a launch.

With IAAPA Expo 2023 happening in a week, and SBF Visa’s massive success with their compact spinners, it will be interesting to follow the new VISACOASTERS division over the next several months.

To stay up to date on the latest on VISACOASTERS, check out their website.

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