Six Flags Fiesta Texas 2024 Brings Three New Rides and Other Upgrades

Six Flags Fiesta Texas today announced three new-for-2024 rides and other park enhancements,  creating the largest DC Universe at any amusement park in the United States.

The new rides – Cyborg Cyber Revolution, Shazam! Tower of Eternity and Metropolis Transit Authority were announced at the park’s annual FT92 fan event, which each year highlights the latest park developments and new ride announcements.

The three brand-new attractions include:

Cyborg Cyber Revolution

Cyborg Cyber Revolution “creates a visually stunning and air-time-filled ride experience of four individual arms rotating in fast, intermeshing orbits.”

Riders will remain upright as the arms swing in a circular motion while the tower rotates around itself.

Shazam! Tower of Eternity

Shazam! Tower of Eternity is a rotating family drop tower taking riders of all ages to a height of 70 feet before a series of bounce and drop sequences.

Metropolis Transit Authority

Metropolis Transit Authority allows 16 passengers to relax and enjoy an aerial view 17 feet above DC Universe aboard two Art Deco-covered monorail-style trains.

Additional Six Flags Fiesta Texas 2024 enhancements include the retheming and renaming of several of the park’s existing attractions to include new Superheroes and Villains including The Penguin: Gotham City Getaway, Supergirl Sky Flight, Poison Ivy Toxic Spin and others.

“The addition of three new rides along with the reimagining of several others will create the largest and most exciting DC Universe at any amusement park in the U.S.. We’re excited to introduce our guests to this truly immersive experience,” added Siebert.

What do you think of Six Flags Fiesta Texas’ 2024 plans? Let us know in the comments section below!


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3 Responses

  1. Jeremy says:

    Do you know if they bought a second Nebulaz from Zamperla or is Cyborg Cyber Revolution a rebranding of daredevil dive flying machines. I also wonder if they are adding a second drop tower or just retheming.

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