Announcing the Winners of the 2021 Golden Ticket Awards

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5 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    El Toro must be one heck of a ride since it can suffer a de-rail and still make number 3 !

  2. Kelsie says:

    Lightning Rod in the top ten? Oh, they must have added a CHIROPRACTOR tent at the exit. No way. Until something changes, that ride is a NO GO.

  3. NeverMind says:

    Even if we had the means to travel to Germany to visit an amusement park, their website has this notice: The most important information first: Since 16.08.2021, proof of authorisation (vaccinated / recovered / tested) is required for your visit.

    F OFF.

  4. eli says:


  5. calvin pace says:

    what world am i living in where the beast is better than mystic timber’s

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