Battle of the Busch Gardens

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5 Responses

  1. Joe from MD says:

    Having been a Platinum Member during the Coronavirus years and slightly before, I absolutely disagree with this assessment. First off as a Platinum Member I’m treated less importantly at the non home parks than I am at my home park – WTF??

    But Tampa is consistently understaffed with much ruder employees. The park is clean but not as noticeable as Williamsburg. We’ve left our vacation early due to the lack of social distancing and overcrowding that is Tampa.

    Williamsburg has never had that issue. It’s definitely the best park for greenery and adjacent to it is the much better Water Country USA.

    In my overall park rankings amongst all the major ones for value Six Flags is the highest. But overall experience Universal Studios and Island of Adventure out preform the Busch Gardens and Seaworld passes.

    Bottom line, if I renew passes for Busch Gardens or Seaworld, I’ll avoid the Platinum pass and probably just get the one park option. And avoid Tampa like the plague.

  2. Shannon says:

    I’ve never been to the Williamsburg park, that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed Tampa’s offerings. We went in June before Delta took Florida off at the knees, and the park was not crowded at all. With that in mind, the writer was wrong about one thing: Tampa does offer one non-coaster ride. It’s a train that takes you through the animal enclosures with the operator being your typical humorous safari guide. Also, in response to the other comment there was one rude-ish employee at one of the food sites but every other employee I interacted with was a joy. This includes the keeper who was with me for a special sloth experience.

  3. Jim Johnson says:

    One thing that articles regarding amusement parks never comment on are the entertainment shows. The ice skating show “Turn it Up” is one of the most recognized and highest rated shows in the world, and my personal favorite of all the shows I’ve been to. “Celtic Fire” is another amazing show at the Williamsburg BG and the Christmas ice Skating show with Elvis Stojko and the married pairs team from WV is also a personal favorite. My wife and I are current Platinum pass holders and have chosen Busch Gardens after experiencing almost every amusement park in the US, and various parks in Europe. We like Busch for their shows, Rollercoaters(which we believe Tampa’s coasters are much better than Williamsburg for us avid coaster riders), and the overall experience we get at BG. We also love Halloween and both the Florida and Virginia parks do a great job at scaring us stiff! I don’t normally write reviews, but I feel like I needed to give a shout out to the shows my wife and I love to go see!

  4. Will says:

    On paper, it seems like BGW and BGT are tied especially for roller coasters however, tampa is far and away the better location not just because they’re close to orlando, but their own roller coasters are better than williamsburgs versions of the same ride. They both have sky rocket II’s, dive coasters, inverts, launch coasters, and family coasters. However even the cloned rides are better at tampa. Also the drop towers are at the far end of the spectrum from each other. Tampa’s is the best in the world and williamsburgs drop tower is the worst one with the worst seats on any ride ever. Also the narrow pathways at williamsburg do not make you feel at all like you’re in Europe, it makes you feel like you’re in an overly crowded zoo as you struggle to get around the masses of people walking and standing in the walkways. Tampa is flat and has wide walkways which makes navigating the park a breeze. Also williamsburg has the most confusing layout of any park I’ve visited. Its very easy to get lost multiple times unless you know the park inside and out. And the shows are definitely better in Tampa. The busch gardens parks are their own thing. They are not on the same level as Disney and universal but both are a huge step up from most cedar fair and six flags parks. Also for most people I think whichever park you first visit is going to be the one that you prefer as it was your first experience with a busch gardens park. Both parks are more scenic than cedar fair and six flags’ top parks but both parks struggle with their rides operations being on par with cedar fairs. Also both parks have covered queue lines for their rides and both have equally shaded and exposed areas throughout.

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