New Theme Park for Nashville Proposed

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  1. M. Trantham says:

    There is property 121+ acres in Murfreesboro, very close to I24 and with access off of I840 in the Blackman area of Murfreesboro TN just 30 miles south of Nashville. A perfect place for a theme park.

    • A. Fuog says:

      ABSOLUTELY NOT. That area needs to be a park for the community. I live right down the street and will sell my house if they put this there. Murfreesboro CAN’T handle the traffic from this.

    • Emily says:

      M. Trantham it seems you must be aware of the Murfreesboro area so I’m surprised you would offer land that was promised to the Blackman community as a green space park (which is NOT a theme park) green space to include walking trails, playground areas, possibly softball and baseball fields.
      Are you a developer? Investor? What would you have to gain for a theme park to come to a suburban community that would not be able to support the traffic/people a theme park would bring…

      I am VERY excited for this opportunity for my family and am confident the developers will find the right property for this special, memory making park!

    • M Arthur says:

      100% would protest this. I do NOT want that mess near me

  2. Bonnie Davis says:

    Have you considered Warren County, Tennessee? Located in Middle Tennessee where Knoxville, Nashville, Chattanooga form a triangle. Warren County, Tennessee is truly the “middle” of Tennessee.

  3. Conor says:

    Old Hickory, TN on the bleeding edge of metro Nashville has huge swathes of land ready for development. Not far from 65,40,24, and briley pkwy.

  4. Brent says:

    It would have been great to build this park here a decade or two ago, but now so many people have moved to the south, to TN, and especially Nashville, that the Nashville area is already now a miserable overcrowded mess. And the streets can’t handle any more traffic. The types of employees it would get from Davidson County wouldn’t be desirable either. Been to a Six Flags recently? Davison County is also becoming more unsafe by the day. It definitely shouldn’t be built in Davidson County.

    And what’s wrong with building a theme park entirely themed to America? Why does it need to have lands themed to different countries? Epcot already has this, and does it better than any other park ever will. We don’t need another. Opryland had all American themed areas, and everyone loved it. Many people will never even see most areas of the US, and of course no one can travel to the past. There are many opportunies for American themes.

    Then there’s the pro-literacy part of it, which encouraging reading is certainly a good thing, but the same people trying to build a themepark shouldn’t also be trying to build a literacy park. That should be a separate park, designed/owned/run/built by separate people. In the recent past, any ideas for theme parks, that would also have several other non-theme park features, never made it past the planning stage.
    And recent new theme parks that were built have struggled. Either just concentrate on building a literacy park, or just on a theme park, and thus build the park well enough it that it will survive.

    Announcements for theme parks that never get built are fairly common (and a few were even planned for middle Tennessee), so I won’t get my hopes up, but I wouldn’t be to upset if this one doesn’t get built.

  5. Wayne says:

    No country music . NO ME.

  6. Cathy says:

    I personally would love a theme park to take my grandchildren to. I wish we could have another one similar to Opryland cause it was great , family oriented, and fun. I hope this doesn’t fall through and we really do get a theme park. It also needs to be affordable so families can go. There’s a lot of land and surrounding counties other than Nashville, so I would consider looking around, if I were you checking all that out because Nashville is crowded. Bring the Theme Park on!!

  7. Chris says:

    A whole theme park with no roller coasters… Awesome :throwsuplunch:

    • Lisa Koe says:

      This is from the article:
      “The park would contain roller coasters and other attractions….”

  8. Debbi says:

    Awesome idea! Would LOVE to see this somewhere near or around Davidson County. We all miss Opryland’s theme park when it left what a GREAT idea to bring another theme park back!

  9. Jennifer C Robinson says:

    Love you about your new theme park coming to Nashville TN USA at Opreyland area

  10. Jennifer Charlton says:

    The Nashville Super Speedway has 147 acres of land and theres more around it. Off of 840 and the interstate around it is wide. Theres millions of ppl that come there annually and the taxes are cheaper than Davidson county. Personally, I’d offer the owners money to buy that. It already has the infrastructure that contains gas, water, electricity to house that big of a track, people, and camp grounds so its worth the communication in my opinion.

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