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Coaster101 Park Mania 2021: The Finals

After 90,000 total votes, it comes down to two parks that are just 150 miles apart. Carowinds v. Dollywood!

It’s that time of year at Coaster101 where we fill out a college basketball bracket, have it bust after the first two days of the college basketball tournament, and shift our focus to what some (no one) call “The most important bracket in March.” This year, we’ve brought back our annual bracket event called Park Mania! (cleverly named in an effort not to get a cease and desist letter!) with a few twists.

Just like the “real” bracket, we’ve included 68 parks from across North America to vie for the coveted Park Mania trophy. However, this year, at the suggestion of our twitter followers, there are no rankings and no geographic regions. With the exception of the “vote-in” rounds, the parks were randomly selected for their match-ups. Just like the basketball tournament, we’ve created a “Vote-In” round where 8 parks will have the chance to be voted into the final 64-park field. This year, “vote-in” rounds work a little differently, as several multi-property parks have been split up to determine who will advance into the main bracket.

Instead of the parks facing off against each other on the hardwood, we’re going to let you, the readers of, decide your pick for your favorite park in North America!

We have updated our voting process slightly and are closely monitoring spikes in votes. We will not be reporting exact results on social media during this year’s Park Mania, and voting percentages will be hidden this year. We reserve the right to remove any potentially fraudulent votes from the results, which kind of defeats the purpose of this being fun. Bottom Line: Don’t cheat and ruin this for your favorite park and everyone else legitimately voting for them!

Each voting round will take place over several days, and the schedule will be as follows. We’ll create a post each day with new polls for voting. All voting will be done right here on, and will end at approximately 8:00pm Eastern time on the specified date.

Vote In Round Voting: Monday, March 15-Wednesday, March 17

Round One Voting: Thursday, March 18-Sunday, March 21

Round Two Voting: Monday, March 22-Wednesday, March 24

Regional Semi-Final Voting: Thursday, March 25-Sunday, March 28

Regional Final Voting: Monday, March 29-Wednesday, March 31

National Semi-Final Voting: Thursday, April 1-Saturday, April 3

Championship Voting: Sunday, April 4-Tuesday, April 6

Winner Announced: Wednesday, April 7

The Finals

The results are in! Check back tomorrow!

Polls close at 8:00pm Eastern on Tuesday! The winner will be announced on Wednesday, April 7!

Be sure to join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #C101ParkMania!


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3 Responses

  1. Voted for my home amusement park Carowinds!!!!

  2. Danie says:

    Voted for Carowinds. Although Dollywood is closer than carowinds by a few miles, Carowinds has better rides and its more suitable for people like me who are chubby, lol. Although Dollywood is a good park and has plenty of shade and attractions for the hotter days of the year, I choose carowinds.

  3. bud kinches says:

    I choose my home state smokey mountain home away from home park Dollywood…

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