Legoland New York Resort Reveals New Tech with Lego Factory Adventure

On Tuesday morning at IAAPA, the Legoland New York Resort unveiled the ride vehicle and details about their first-of-its-kind attraction, Lego Factory Adventure. This ride will be unique to the New York Resort and will feature technology that personalizes the experience for each rider. When the riders visit the resort, opening July 4th, 2020, they will be able to step aboard the ride vehicle and “shrink” down to the size of a Lego minifigure. However, size will not be the only factor the riders will share with the popular toy icon- the ride will actually use motion tracking and facial recognition technology to turn them into their very own minifigure.

The ride promises the most advanced technology in the world in regards to the motion tracking and facial detection. The ride “displays an on-screen, shockingly-accurate Lego version of the rider in a wow-worthy reveal – from glasses and hair style to shirt color and facial features.” This awesome reveal will take place about halfway through the narrative-led experience after a screen shows their ride vehicle turning to bricks, the tech will even use motion tracking to accurately mirror guests’ movements. This is all the result of Legoland’s collaboration with Holovis, a digital innovation company making advancements in not only simulation technology, but virtual manufacturing and advanced engineering as well. The motion tracking on the ride will be achieved using their HoloTrac platform.

Our writer Andrew trying out the new tech at IAAPA

This unique trackless ride vehicle for the Lego Factory Adventure was revealed at IAAPA, and according to Ruud Koppens, CEO of ETF Ride Systems, it is meant to make guests feel as if they are a part of the robotic machinery inside a Lego factory. ETF Ride Systems has never done a ride quite as unique as this before, so they are excited to work with Holovis and Merlin Entertainments, Legoland’s parent company, to bring the attraction to life. They are also excited to introduce the first ADA wheelchair compliant vehicle at a Legoland park, meaning a vehicle that is capable of carrying a wheelchair throughout the ride. There is separate track for the ADA vehicle that has the capability to seamlessly integrate the vehicle onto the main track once it is loaded, creating an uninterrupted loading process for the non-ADA vehicles as well.

Legoland New York will be the first major theme park to open in the Northeast in decades when it opens on July 4th, 2020, and it will be the largest Legoland park to date. The park will be located in Goshen, New York, which is about 60 miles northwest of New York City. Designed primarily for kids 2-12, the park will be home to more than 50 interactive rides, shows and attractions, allowing kids and their families to spend a whole day together–or even several days–exploring seven Lego themed lands. The 250-room Legoland Hotel is set to open in 2021, which will allow guests to extend their stay even more. Prior to the hotel opening, guests will be able to book vacation packages with partner hotels via the park’s website.

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We at can’t wait for this brand new park to open next summer and are excited about the new innovation included with the Lego Factory Adventure. Let us know what you think in the comments below!