Camp Snoopy Coming to Michigan’s Adventure in 2020

Michigan’s Adventure will debut its new Peanuts themed kids’ area, Camp Snoopy, for Spring of 2020.

Located on the location of the former Be-Bop Blvd., Camp Snoopy will feature five family rides, including a new family-friendly roller coaster and beautiful natural landscaping with plenty of shaded seating and pathways that offer something to explore around every corner.

Camp Snoopy will feature five new rides aimed to please families with kids from toddlers to tweens:

  • Woodstock Express: Little thrill seekers can join parents and grandparents on this family roller coaster with plenty of ups and downs, just like the flight of Snoopy’s best bird buddy.
  • Beagle Scout Lookout: Adventurers will board a version of a colorful hot air balloon and float high in the sky.

  • Mud Buggies: Kids will climb aboard their very own all-terrain vehicle for a bouncy ride.
  • Camp Bus: This fun family ride takes passengers soaring up and down and all around on a wacky bus with Snoopy in the drivers’ seat.
  • Trail Blazers: Riders will buckle in and zoom around a track, like an off-road expedition.

In addition, the new Beagle Scout Acres will feature a large climb-and-play structure with lots of interactive features and things to climb.

Michigan’s Adventure will join Carowinds, Cedar Point and Knott’s Berry Farm as parks in the Cedar Fair family with a Camp Snoopy Kids area.

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