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Kentucky Kingdom Retires T3 Roller Coaster

Kentucky Kingdom today announced that the park has retired its T3 roller coaster. The park confirmed the news in an email to guests:

Guests reported they received an email from the park stating after 30 years of thrill riders, the ride will not be reopening for its new season.

T3 was an inverted Vekoma “Suspended Looping Coaster” (SLC) model.

Built in 1995, this coaster was listed as standing but not operating (SBNO) from 2010-2014 when the park was closed and then reopened in 2015 when the original Vekoma trains were replaced by a single new train from KumbaK, and later a second train in 2016.

The coaster was one of the few rides that survived when the park was under Six Flags management.

The park has not yet revealed plans for the future of the site where T3 currently stands.


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5 Responses


    I think It would be replaced by a new coaster or water park expansion

    • Jason says:

      I am confused , 3 years ago these owners said they had an amazing 5 year plan. Well on year 3 and no new rides, no news on new upcoming rides. What do we get? A diamond pass so if you pay more money, you can cut ppl . Great experience. These owners are looking more like six flags each year.

  2. Gabriel Hernandez says:

    bring it Californias Great America

  3. Bring T3 to KI, i mean it’s time for this iconic KK coaster to join the Island Ride Warriors family!

  4. Desiree Philbee says:

    This park needs life, it needs energy.

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