Inside the 360-Degree Universal Sphere Dome Theater

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3 Responses

  1. john munro says:

    Hi! just a quick note to correct the listing here- Immersive did not recruit legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg- he was recruited by Comcast itself as they work closely on many projects together.
    Immersive was very lucky to work on initial ideas with him though!

  2. J.P. Downs says:

    Hi, more clarity to share. It is not a 360 degree experience. It is a very traditional dome theatre experience, just very small. I would imagine less than 1/8 of the sphere interior contains the projected image. And yes, the movie is projected. This is not monitor paneling like the screen at the original Comcast Tower. This is not VR. This is not immersive. This is a video projected onto a dome screen. Like any other dome theatre or planetarium.

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