Sea World in Australia to Open The New Atlantis

Sea World, located in Gold Coast, Australia, has announced The New Atlantis with 3 new attractions opening through December 2020.

The first ride to open in The New Atlantis will be Vortex, a Top Spin-type ride that will flip riders head over heels over spewing water fountains.

Get ready to brave the Vortex as it tumbles and whirls through the air above the agitated waters of the ocean below! This wild and powerful new ride will feature pendulum movements, circular rotations and will be sure to give you a fun and thrilling experience.

Vortex is expected to open in December 2019

Trident will be the second ride to open in the area in April 2020. What looks to be a Star-Flyer swing, guests will reach and view new heights on what will be the tallest ride in the park.

Propel to new heights on the all new Trident, where you’ll discover the world of Atlantis like never-before. The brand-new Trident will become one of Sea World’s newest and tallest landmarks as it lifts and spins you 52m (170.6ft) in the air while experiencing spectacular views of the New Atlantis

The third and potentially the most anticipated attraction coming to Atlantis is the newest coaster: Leviathan. It will be the first wooden roller coaster built in Australia since Bush Beast and Beastie was built at the now defunct Wonderland Sydney in 1985. At 105ft tall with a track length of 3208ft, reaching speeds of up to 50mph, it will be the tallest, fastest, and longest wooden coaster in Australia.

Only the brave dare to attempt the Leviathan! Launching in December 2020 to the New Atlantis, the Leviathan will take you on the final frontier of your spectacular Atlantean journey. Experience the rumbling, roaring, thundering crests and a 32m towering track of a wooden roller coaster, while discovering the classical ruins and restorations of the old. This new roller coaster will become an icon of the Gold Coast!

Built by Martin & Vleminckx and designed by The Gravity Group, Leviathan looks to surround a highly themed area with tight maneuvering track going around waterfalls, diving and dodging through its track structure. The Timberliner trains will feature 2 backwards facing seats that guests will be able to experience the ride in a whole new direction.

Sea World (not associated with the US SeaWorld parks) is one of the only handful of amusement parks located in Australia. With the park opening the first wooden roller coaster seen in over 30 years, it should give Australians the thrills that some of us in the US may have taken for granted.


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