Cedar Point to build B&M Dive Coaster for 2016? [UPDATE]

According to this Sandusky Register article, Cedar Point could potentially be building a Bolliger & Mabillard Dive coaster for the 2016 season. A memo from B&M was found and filed with Cedar Point containing a proposal to build a $15 million Dive coaster in the spot where the demolition of the Good Time Theatre is taking place.

“The memo is one of many proposals Cedar Point is looking at for the 2016 season,” said Bryan Edwards, spokesman for Cedar Point.

“Our focus is on the 2015 season and launching Rougarou as well as our newly transformed Hotel Breakers,” Edwards said.

Current demolition of the Good Time Theatre

Demolition of the Good Time Theatre via Cedar Point’s webcam

Preceding this, there was no rumor when Cedar Point could be receiving their next coaster as their latest coaster, Gatekeeper, was built in 2013. One of the Triotech dark rides was rumored to be coming to Cedar Point in 2016 in the spot where Good Time Theatre was, but this could mean Cedar Point might be seeing a new coaster in that location instead.

Cedar Point has neither confirmed nor denied this news, so whether or not this B&M Dive coaster could become a new attraction in 2016, we’ll have to sit back and wait through the 2015 season to find out.


A new Sandusky Register article posted today lists some new information about this potential coaster.

  • 223 foot tall lift hill
  • 3625 feet of track
  • Maximum speed of 80 mph
  • 3 – 24-passenger trains (8 people per row)
  • Vertical drop into a tunnel
  • 4 inversions – Immelmann, 270 degree roll, unknown “looping” element, and another Immelmann
  • Cost: $15 million

With this new information, the pricing of the coaster and what it contains is very feasible.  Not only would it take the record of most inversions on a dive coaster, it’ll also be the park’s 3rd tallest roller coaster, overtaking Magnum at 205 ft. It’s also rumored that Cadillac and Turnpike Cars could also be removed for this expansion.

What are your thoughts on this potential new development? Post your comments below!


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27 Responses

  1. Carter says:

    That sounds great! Based on Cedar Point’s recent teasers I was expecting a RMC hybrid in that same spot, but this would be great! I wonder what kind of layout they could fit to add onto the island.

  2. Steve says:

    My only comment would be, oh, is Worlds of Fun getting the shaft again?

  3. rcr22 says:

    Hmmm… Interesting.

  4. Jason says:

    WHy??! Dive coaster?? there’s 2 already built at Busch Garden’s park and other europe parks. Why is Cedar point being lazy and not create an original rollercoaster rides like they used to in the early 2000’s to 2009. Ever since after Maverick was built, they’ve never came back to Intamin to create an amazing, original, unique ride since 2007. B&M is ok, but not original or exciting to talk about. Last 2 B&M at Cedar park: GateKeeper and this yr. Rougouro… really? i don’t hear people saying gatekeeper is a must ride at the park and not everyone fav. or better than any other wingcoaster rides from other parks. Rougouro… sitdown coaster? really?, this is why B&M has no creativity or any uniqueness to any of their rollercoasters. CP needs to go back doing original, one of its kind rides like back in Kinzel days. Rides like Millienium, TTD, Maverick, Raptor, Wicked Twister were created as world class rides that were diff. and better from other rides. To me, they’re copping out and saving money on boring rides and copying other parks for similar rides. UNACCEPTABLE to coaster ethusiasts and DEF. UNACCEPTABLE to CEDAR POINT Standards. If this B&M dive is true, it better be 500ft drop with inversions and a launch to it so its not simliar to other dive coasters. Ever since former Mickey M. CEO took over Cedar Fair, the thrilling uniqueness to a rollercoaster are long gone, especially at Cedar Point. Every new ride has been.. ” Been there, Done that, already seen it before from other parks” mentality. Anyone disagree? cause this is ridiculous from a park that seperates from other regional parks on awesome rides. The hell with family/kids crap!! youve got Disney parks for that. Dont force your way to copy Disney model bc you want to have a family moment experience. Boo Hoo! Call Intamin and invest a rare world class ride that would replace Mean streak or a different rollercoaster nobody has though of. They would know.. I.E. Falcon fury and top 5 best roller coaster from any polls.

  5. Jason says:

    And you wonder why they’ve lost to Europe Park last Year for best amusement park from the Golden tickets…after winning it 14 straight yr. BC theres nothing to go back to when nothing has changed the past 3 yr. since GateKeeper opened.

  6. Larry says:

    You do realize that coaster enthusiasts make up less than 5% of amusement park visitors and spend the least amount of money in the parks, right? The rest are families that spend much more money than enthusiasts do. The old Cedar Fair of the early 2000’s, it really was not that great of a company and the reason why we’re seeing all of these improvements being done the past couple years. Kinzel even said himself that Top Thrill Dragster was one of the worst business decisions while he was in office. (Here’s proof if you want it: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4990536) Sure you may see a Dive coaster “unacceptable” for Cedar Point, and I think you’re the only one I’ve seen so far actually complain about this, but for the other 99.9999% of people visiting the park, it’s would be a much welcome addition. If you think that this potential dive coaster is something that Cedar Point shouldn’t do, then I think you’re an enthusiast in the wrong industry.

    Cedar Point is there to make sure everyone has fun and that it’s a successful business, whether they’re a 5-year old with their family visiting an amusement park for the first time, or an 80-year old coaster enthusiast visiting the park for the 1000th time. The pre-2012 Cedar Point had gaps in the 5-12 age group for rides that were not 30+ years old or a massive roller coaster, which is why we’re seeing rides like Lake Erie Eagles and Pipe Scream being built here.

    Europa Park has much more going for it than Cedar Point, having some great coasters, but also having some of the best theming for an amusement park. I’m actually surprised it took Cedar Point this long to NOT be the best amusement park in the world since there are vastly superior parks in the world. And it’s been like that long before Ouimet took over.

    Having worked in the industry for several years now, I know what it takes to make an amusement park great. Building unreliable, expensive, and low capacity roller coasters are not what it takes to make an amusement park run and be a successful business. All 3 Intamin coasters at CP have the lowest capacity out of all of the major coasters in the park, with Maverick being the lowest. As a business, they are looking to meet the criteria of cost, reliability, thrill factor, and capacity, and it just so happens B&M can easily cover those. The “coaster wars” as they’ve been called since Magnum was built, are long over. Both Cedar Fair and Six Flags have seen what it’s done to their companies (with SF running themselves into the ground and going in and out of bankruptcy while CF barely made it out of the ’09 recession with a failed buyout) and it’s not something they deem to repeat. What Cedar Fair has done since Ouimet has taken over as President and CEO has not only improved CF as business (their stock has more than doubled since he took office) but in general, the parks are in their best condition that I have ever seen them.

  7. CoDAce says:

    While this is cool in all, I’d rather see Rocky Mountain transform Mean Streak, this video is what you might see in the design (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGQAKQdfVGA), or maybe bring back the Cedar Point Cyclone (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CaCU7j4T94) that ran from 1929 1951 in some way (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWVyQushmaY), this was an option until Gatekeeper. But simply pay tribute to one of the park’s first major coasters.
    Though I see why a B&M dive coaster would be a good idea, they don’t take up that much space and offer a big thrill. But I’m happy to see inversions other than immelmens on B&M dive machines now, that is if this is true. But having two floorless coasters (if they go with the Shiekra trains) seems odd, that’s really my only problem with the idea, and that Iron Streak (my running name for Mean Streak after getting the Iron Horse Treatment) is not done, I doubt that Six Flags has Rocky Mountain to themselves with Outlaw Run and Wildfire being either in or to be in non Six Flags parks.

  8. Chris says:

    Yes! More vertical drops! Screw the flying coaster we’ve been suggesting for the past decade!

  9. Michael says:

    yes i love this news, i would like to see a new 300 Fuss high dive coaster, longer layout, more inversions, more speed i love it

  10. Eric says:

    B&M dive coaster would be a combination of floor-less and wing coaster… Cedar Point is in the process of transforming Mantis stand-up coaster into Rougarou floor-less coaster, and debuted Gate Keeper wing coaster 2 years ago.

    I seem to like the idea of B&M flying coaster. Other ideas that could and might be interesting… RMC wood coaster (something along the lines of SDC’s Outlaw Run and SFGAM’s Goliath) or Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter. GCI wood coaster would be another good option, or a family-friendly spinning coaster, or an indoor/dark coaster. Just some other ideas. Not sure about dive coaster.

  11. Melissa says:

    I have been waiting for a dive coaster to come to Cedar Point.

  12. Jeremy says:

    I am Happy to see this dive coaster go in, even tho it is similar to the other coasters they have. I know it may sound like a small dive coaster but this coaster sits to be the tallest, fastest, and longest dive coaster ever made from looking at RCDB.com. Also, the capacity to this ride is huge, meaning shorter lines! And have you ever ridden a dive coaster? in you live in North America there are 2, and I think they are great fun rides. Lastly just look at the amount of land they have to use. we all know they are taking out the ice skating show, but they also can move/demolish the car rides, move the road closer to the lake and the old dorm there have been said to be coming out too. now compare that to other good size coasters in the park. I Don’t think that this is just another coaster for the park.

  13. eric peay says:

    Well larry I have to say that business is business but if theme parks did not have big or small roller coasters or if they didn’t have enough roller coasters for their guest who love them many people would probably mayby stop going. And if they did still go they may not enjoy there visit as much. Besides the water rides and water park and slides roller coasters are very popular. Why do you think they have such long lines through out the day. Some people don’t spend mony because it’s to expensive and others spend what they want to spend. All theme parks should have good land scaping. These theme parks make a lot of money other wise they would close down. Well have fun on your next visit.

  14. rcr22 says:

    Coaster Chit Chat (coasterchitchat.blogspot.com) wrote an identical post to this one. It looked like the “author” just copied and pasted this article and took the credit. Is Coaster-101 associated with Coaster Chit Chat or are they just messing with copyright laws?

  15. Need to put a Chuckie Cheese in the park or connected to the Hotel Breakers, thinking of the little ones who can’t take the heat in the park. They can have parties there… Or someone can build one in Sandusky, which can be used all year round. I lived in Columbus,OH, always took the children there, loved the games, plus the Pizza was great!!! Who can you talk too about building one in Sandusky, OH.? They will stay busy all year round!!!!

  16. rcr22 says:

    Jason, there aren’t two dive coasters at “Busch Garden’s park,” but two different dive coasters at two different Busch Gardens parks. And they’re in the US, not Europe. Cedar Point isn’t being lazy by building a dive coaster, as it would be the tallest, fastest, and most inverting dive coaster, plus it would make them the only park with five roller coasters over 200 feet tall. As Larry said, “being original,” with rides like Maverick and Top Thrill Dragster often end up with setbacks like long lines and frequent breakdowns. You’re right, GateKeeper isn’t that impressive. But it is scenic, and adds to their coaster count while breaking records. And redoing Mantis was a smart move. I think that dive coaster is a good way to go.

    CoDAce, I agree that Cedar Point should get a RMC redo of Mean Streak and think that this will happen at some point in the future, but it wouldn’t add to their coaster count. Maybe in 2018 or so.

    Eric, good point there. Adding another floorless/wing design to the park is kind of repetitious. However, I wouldn’t be excited to see a flying coaster unless it could take up more room than that little section and break Tatsu’s records.

    Regardless of what Cedar Point decides, I trust to their judgement and can’t wait for these upcoming seasons.

  17. Tyler says:

    Larry, that post was excellent, well informed and I couldn’t agree more. Problem is many of the individuals who visit sites such as this one, don’t think in terms of feasibility. We as enthusiasts only think in terms of roller coasters, and while that’s all and well, it doesn’t necessarily translate to success. Six flags (as you mentioned) was a perfect example. Good work man

  18. George S. says:

    I have to agree with Jason. Cedar Point set a standard as being original. I’ve been a customer for over 35 years & expect new, original & record breaking coasters. Now that 2 of my kids are teens, they also crave the originality also. Sure, originality has setbacks, but that’s expected at Cedar Point. At this point I’m willing to spend an extra $300 every Summer & take the family elsewhere. If I want to ride little mundane rides, I’ll wait for the traveling carnival to come to town. How about a 400ft 4D 95 mph coaster?!?!? THAT would be worth visiting CP & waiting in line 4 hours! Not a ride that I can wait 4hrs to ride at 8 other parks.

  19. rcr22 says:

    @ George: Why would you want to be rolled in washing machine fashion (and speeds) down a four hundred foot hill?

  20. ron ward says:

    Yeah do it wished it was this year can’t make it next year but yeah that’s awesome

  21. Gateforce says:

    What they need is an RMC overhaul of Gemini, but CP being CP, make it a launch.

  22. rcr22 says:

    I’m excited to see what they’ll be doing with that plot of land. Anything over 200 feet works for me. CP generally knows what they’re doing.

  23. rcr22 says:

    Who saw on Screamscape that Cedar Point filed a name for 2016 – Valravn!

  24. John says:

    I agree whith some of the masses, why does it always have to be a bigger taller coaster they wont keep up and repair…like Mean Streak…. They made all this fuss that they moved the Calypso and renamed it the Tiki Twirl, but, they didnt paint the cars or even clean the cars, they are filled with leaves from last years storage, and how about a new light package. I wish Cedar Point would bring back a dark ride and or even make a small one in the old Pirate ride. I asked my mother if she wanted to go to Cedar Point this year and she replied, ” Why theres nothing there for me to ride any more”. Sad very sad. Repair what you got Cedar Point, bring back the River Boats and FAMILY RIDES,

  25. Jay says:

    When we grow up visiting Cedar Point we don’t remember riding the kiddie rides. We remember marveling at the Gemini, Magnum, Millenium Force, until we could mustered the courage to ride them. Nobody cares about you flying Eagles or big skate board ride. It’s all filler. Build Dreams.
    I want my kids to laugh at Millenium and Top Thrill how I laugh at Gemini and 2000 now. Be the Roller Coaster Capital once more, and not barley.

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