Dragonflier Track Complete at Wildwood Grove

Yesterday was the last day of Dollywood’s 2018 operating season (hooray for bonus days in January!). This means that our view of Wildwood Grove construction progress will be limited to what the park shares with us until it reopens for the 2019 season on March 16.

The Dollywood Express train is still the best way to get a nearly 360-degree view of Wildwood Grove, Dollywood’s largest expansion to date. And with the leaves gone for the winter, the train provides nearly unobstructed views of construction (aside from some pesky branches here and there).

While there is still much work left to be done before it makes its grand debut, the track of the Dragonflier coaster is complete.

The bright-green Vekoma “453m” suspended family coaster model is one of eight operating or under construction in the world.

These models stand about 63 feet tall and reach a top speed of 46 mph along 1,486 feet of track. As seen in the above photo, riders will plunge underground into a trough at the bottom of the first drop.

Also in that photo, the blue Mad Mockingbird flying scooter ride can be seen to the right of Dragonflier.

I have a feeling that Dragonflier will be a deceivingly intense little roller coaster. I think it will rank close to FireChaser Express in terms of forcefulness.

Below, you can see a (slightly misty) video of a similar ride, Orkanen at Fårup Sommerland in Denmark:

But Dragonflier isn’t the only progress being made at Wildwood Grove.

Other buildings and structures continue to rise. If you look closely at the center of the above photo, you’ll see a glimpse of the Great Tree Swing, a swinging ship ride.

These giant acorns will carry guests high in the sky on TreeTop Tower at the entrance of Wildwood Grove:

It will no doubt provide great views of the area.

Nearly just as exciting as Wildwood Grove is the amount of cleared land that Wildwood Grove isn’t occupying.

With the money and resources at Dolly’s disposal, I’m sure great things are in the development pipeline.

Dollywood hasn’t released an official opening date for Wildwood Grove yet. And given the scope of the project, I doubt it will open with the park in March. I think April or May would be a safer bet, but that’s just my speculation.

Stay tuned for more Wildwood Grove updates from Dollywood!

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