Dynamic Attractions Announces New “Dual Power” Coaster & Partnership with Chance Rides

For the last three years, Dynamic Attractions has captured the “Best New Product Concept” Brass Ring award at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando for their All-Terrain Dark Ride (2017), Motion Theater (2016), and SFX Coaster (2015). Today, they announced another new concept that gives Dynamic Attractions a serious chance at a Brass Ring four-peat: the Dual Power Coaster. 

“The Dual Power Coaster the world’s most advanced roller coaster vehicle,” said Hao Wang, President of Dynamic Attractions. “Most coasters are all about the track. That is only half of the excitement in this ride, where the cart itself is powered and moves, creating racing sensations never possible before on a roller coaster.”

The unique roller coaster vehicles have new technology that allow four degrees of freedom (4-DOF); these motion platforms enable each vehicle to pitch forward, roll side-to-side, change heading, and heave up and down while moving along the track. Wang explained how this feels to guests, “The Dual Power Coaster simulates drifting, air time, 360-spin outs, and other racing phenomena which have been impossible up until now.”

In addition to the 4-DOF motion platform, it has dual propulsion. The combination of On-Board drive and an Off-Board Linear Synchronous Motor drive heightens the experience for guests. “Imagine racing on a track and then suddenly ‘powering-up’ to boost your speed,” added Wang.

Dynamic Attractions’ first Dual Power Coaster will open in Malaysia in the Spring of 2019.

“Theme parks are eager for the next centerpiece attraction because it draws guests,” adds Wang. “The Dual Power Coaster offers a dramatically new sensory experience. It will be a game-changer for creative teams, park owners and guests.”

While the concept “Dual Powered Coaster” is sure to excite coaster enthusiasts, Dynamic Attractions also announced a strategic alliance with ride manufacturer Chance Rides. The two companies’ alliance allows them to capitalize on Dynamic Attractions’ strengths in engineering and cutting-edge innovation while leveraging Chance Rides’ full in-house manufacturing capabilities.

“By working with the legendary Chance Rides, we’re able to offer theme parks faster build times while maintaining our high standards in build quality,” said Guy Nelson, CEO of Dynamic Attractions. “The artistry of Chance’s fabricators is impressive; we’re delighted to be working with them on a number of our projects.”

A Unicoaster from Chance Rides, Taken at IAAPA 2017

Chance Rides has manufactured more than 5,000 amusement rides in its 57-year history. Their diverse product line of Coasters, Rides, and People Movers includes the famed C.P. Huntington Train, world-class carousels, and giant observation wheels.

“Dynamic Attractions continues to raise the bar for innovation,” states Dick Chance, CEO, Chance Rides. The company is looking forward to having access to Dynamic Attractions’ 100-plus in-house engineers, many of whom have experience designing next generation ride systems. “The company constantly wins innovation awards for a good reason; they can see the invisible and do the impossible.”

Together, Dynamic Attractions and Chance Rides will combine Dynamic’s forward-thinking innovation and Chance’s on-time & on-budget manufacturing.  The synergies created by this alliance will give park designers new tools to work with, keep park owners within budget, and provide guests and ride enthusiasts with exciting new experiences.

During their IAAPA press event, Dynamic Attractions also announced the openings of two “firsts” from the company.

Dynamic Attractions’ first Robotic Arm Dark Ride opens this month in Abu Dhabi.

“This ride provides exhilarating movement that can’t be matched with other systems,” said Dynamic’s Senior Vice President of Global Business Development, Cynthia Emerick Whitson. “It is featured on an attraction that uses its capability to move, with perfect synchronization with media, through a series of settings that convincingly surround guests in an action story.”

We will also see the debut of Dynamic Attractions first SFX Coaster in early 2019.

“This Dynamic SFX Coaster tests the limits of the imagination with what’s possible aboard an indoor roller coaster,” Whitson contuned. “Riders will be launched through multiple themed sections, immersed inside media domes, and sliding in new directions. From racing down city streets to teetering on the edge of a crumbling bridge, riders will experience more white-knuckle, exhilarating moments than James Bond and Dominic Toretto combined.”

“This is not just a coaster; it’s an unforgettable, fully-immersive experience with thrills at every turn.”

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