Carowinds Announces Copperhead Strike for 2019

After several months of teases, Carowinds has finally revealed Granny’s Epic Secret, and it’s Copperhead Strike. 

The Carolinas’ first double launch coaster, Copperhead Strike simulates the harrowing chase of getaway cars racing through rolling farmland, sending riders on two launches through a relentless winding ride over half a mile of steel.

In this innovative ride, the coaster dynamics are carefully crafted to offer a thrilling and intense low-to-the-ground experience. Featuring three 16-passenger trains fashioned after 1930s coupes, Copperhead Strike sends riders cruising into a Jojo roll right out of the station, before hitting the first of two launches, reaching 42mph in just 2.5 seconds.

Riders then go into a lightning fast launch to a 360° loop, the second of five inversions, moving into a series of near-miss twists, turns and flips. Without slowing down, the ride launches a second time to accelerate into a memorable hang time loop, leaving passengers breathless and wondering which way is up.

The new coaster is the central element of Blue Ridge Junction, a new immersive, richly themed area inspired by the majestic beauty and easy-going culture of the Blue Ridge Mountain region of the Carolinas. Conceived for the purpose of engaging all five senses, the redesigned seven-acre area will feature the new Blue Ridge Country Kitchen restaurant in the former Wings restaurant location.

More transformational features will open at Carowinds in 2019: The new SpringHill Suites by Marriott at Carowinds, a 130-room hotel currently under construction, is expected to welcome its first guests late in the year. Also added for the first time is a new dormitory to house students from across the region and around the world, allowing the park to develop programs such as a full internship for travel and tourism students. These features, along with the new roller coaster and themed area, encompass the largest investment in the park since its opening in 1973.

“This is a clear demonstration of our commitment to being the premier entertainment destination of the Carolinas for families and thrill seekers alike,” said Pat Jones, Carowinds’ vice president and general manager. “Copperhead Strike adds a completely different experience than our other world-class coasters, giving our guests a diverse park-wide experience that satisfies like never before. Blue Ridge Junction, the restaurant and our new hotel are additions we know our guests will enjoy, ensuring Carowinds continues to be the place where the Carolinas come together to create lasting memories for generations to come.”

Copperhead Strike is designed and manufactured by Mack Rides of Waldkirch, Germany, a recognized leader in roller coaster development.

Copperhead Strike Fast Facts

  • Track Length: 3,255′
  • Ride Time: 2:24
  • Top Speed: 50mph
  • Inversions: 5 (in order: Jo-Jo Roll, Vertical Loop, Corkscrew, Inverted Top Hat, Vertical Loop)
  • Maximum Height: 82′
  • Amount of Steel Used: 530 Tons
  • Launches: 2 (LSM Launches, 0-42mph in 2.5 seconds, 35-50mph in 2.0 seconds)
  • Height Restriction: 52″
  • Theoretical Capacity: 1,200 Riders/hour
  • Trains: 3-16 Passenger Trains (4 cars, 4 riders in each car)
  • Restraints: Lap bar.

Check out a POV of Copperhead Strike Below!


All photos above courtesy of Carowinds.

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  1. Zachary M. says:

    While this coaster is awesome and all, they kind of revealed to much about it before the announcement, making the announcement completely unexciting. Still really awesome though.