California Screamin’ Transforming in 2018 (and more on Pixar Pier)

Back in July, at the D23 Expo, Disney announced that starting in summer 2018 the Paradise Pier section of Disney’s California Adventure would be transformed into “Pixar Pier”. Today Disney has revealed some more details about the changes coming to DCA this summer and what we can expect to find at Pixar Pier, including a change to the iconic roller coaster.

Pixar Pier Incredicoaster

Pixar Pier is going to feature four distinct “neighborhoods”, each themed to a different Pixar movie. For coaster fans, the biggest change will be at the center of the first of these neighborhoods. This area is going to be themed to “The Incredibles”, and will include a revamped California Screamin’ with the new name “Incredicoaster”.

California Screamin’ is going to be remodeled as the “Incredicoaster”, themed after Pixar’s The Incredibles.

The Disney Parks Blog post says the updated attraction “will feature a mid-century-modern-style loading area, new character moments and a new look for the ride vehicles.” I’m curious about the “character” moments, and whether we’ll see some new effects on parts of the ride, like in the tunnels on the hills, for example. Unfortunately, from the concept drawings it looks like the iconic Mickey Ears around the loop will be gone.

Importantly for fans, California Screamin’ is going to close on January 8 to start the makeover, so make sure you get over there for the holidays!

Toy Story and Inside Out

Paradise Pier is already home to the West Coaster version of Toy Story Mania, and that will serve as the anchor for the second, Toy Story themed, ‘hood. The Toy Story area will presumably encompass the section right around Toy Story Mania, which is already pretty heavily Pixar themed (and done really well). Meanwhile, on the western end of the boardwalk (the far end from California Screamin’), the area will become Inside Out themed. This is eventually going to include a new “family friendly attraction,” although no opening date or details were revealed.

The overall concept of Pixar Pier. At the far right side of the image, inside the turn around of Incredicoaster, looks like the new Inside-Out Ride (with the different colors for the film’s emotions).

Mish-mash of Others Round Out Pixar Pier

Finally, the fourth neighborhood will highlight a mix of other Pixar franchises. The giant Mickey’s Fun Wheel will be updated with new gondolas that feature different Pixar characters. Thanksfully, the giant Mickey face on the bay side of the wheel will remain. At the “Games of the Boardwalk”, the classic midway style games will be updated to feature Pixar characters (Bullseye Stallion Stampede of course already is Toy Story themed). Ariel’s Grotto and the Cove Bar, both on the walkway towards California Screamin’, will also be getting overhauled. They’ll become a new lounge and grill with views of the new Pixar Pier.

As with California Screamin’, Games of the Boardwalk, Mickey’s Fun Wheel, and the restaurants are all closing on January 8, 2018 to begin the change.

The North Side Is Staying Put

As for the rest of the Paradise Pier area, those aren’t changing. The areas with attractions like the Paradise Gardens, Goofy’s Sky School, and Ariel’s Undersea Adventure will makeup a new land called Paradise Park (which I think is technically what the plaza in front of Ariel’s Undersea Adventure is already called).

“Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular,” is the new fireworks show coming to Disneyland for Pixar Fest, when Pixar Pier will soft open.

Pixar Pier is going to have a limited opening during the park’s first ever “Pixar Fest” starting April 13 (which will featuring returning parades and new fireworks, you can find out more about it here). There’s no official end date for Pixar Fest, but assuming it’s not indefinite, then Pixar Pier should then open permanently in summer 2018. Hopefully that means the Incredicoaster will be read for Pixar Fest in April and we won’t have that long a down period without a major coaster in DCA.

For more on Pixar Pier, you can check out the Disney Parks Blog. And remember, if you want to check out any of Paradise Pier before it closes, you have until January 8! Let us know in the comments, or over on Twitter or Facebook, what you think of the changes coming to California Adventure. Think the Incredicoaster will make a noticeable difference to California Screamin’?

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2 Responses

  1. Zachary says:

    Goodbye California Screamin’.You will always be better than the Incredicoaster, even though they are the same thing.

  2. Anthony says:

    I’m planning a trip around late May, so I really hope it’ll be open by then