C101ParkMadness: Semi-Finals RESULTS


It’s been a few weeks since we announced our inaugural “park madness” bracket. Like in the NCAA Bracket, we ranked 64 parks from across North America, divided into four 16-team geographic regions; East, West, Midwest and South. However, instead of the parks facing off against each other, we’re going to let you, the readers of Coaster101.com decide your pick for best park in North America. After another round of record voting numbers, we are down to just TWO parks remaining.

Each voting round will take place over several days, and the schedule will be as follows. We’ll create a post each day with new polls for voting. All voting will be done right here on Coaster101.com, and will end at 8:00pm Eastern Time on the specified date.

Round One Voting: Wednesday, March 15-Saturday, March 18 Round One Complete: Click Here for Full Results!

Round Two Voting: Sunday, March 19-Tuesday, March 21 Round Two Complete: Click Here for Full Results!

Regional Semi-Final Voting: Wednesday, March 22-Saturday, March 25 Round Three Complete: Click Here for Full Results!

Regional Final Round Voting: Sunday, March 26-Tuesday, March 28 Round Four Complete: Click Here for Full Results!

Semi-Final Voting: Wednesday, March 29-Friday, March 31 (Updated Date from Previous Posts)

Championship Voting: Saturday, April 1-Tuesday, April 4, with the Champion Announced on Wednesday, April 5.

Semi-Final Voting RESULTS


12) Silverwood – 56% v.
2) Six Flags Great Adventure – 44%

3) Holiday World – 41% v.
3) Magic Kingdom – 59%



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32 Responses

  1. Shirley Powell says:

    Silverwoods the best

  2. Lowell Jackling says:

    Hi, Since it still times out. I would like to cast my vote here. SILVERWOOD! All the way, every day! 😉

  3. Jacqueline Fisher says:

    Silverwood is the best park ever!

  4. Brittyb says:


  5. Marion says:


  6. Logan says:

    Silverwood hands down baby

  7. Stephanie says:

    I have loved Silverwood for many years as a guest. This year they recruited me as an employee for a specialized skill, and I accepted. Now part of the army that works behind the wizard’s curtain, I have found them to be everything that is kind, transparent, respectful, fun, and generous, with a strong focus on families, community, diversity inclusion and safety. #2017bestsummerever

  8. Heather Staneart says:

    Silverwood is hands-down the best in this matchup!! ??

  9. Jenny Marshall says:


  10. Denise D Dombrowski says:

    Silverwood, thanks for all you do for the folks that get to enjoy May’s
    Night of the Stars! What a great way to start another fun season of playing at Silverwood.

  11. Karla casady says:

    I have never been to silverwood looks pretty fun would like to take my grandkids to this so glad that u guys do this for families

  12. Debbee says:

    Six Flags all the way!!

  13. Sharyn says:

    Great Adventure Rocks!

  14. Isaiah Robert Hainline says:


  15. Nathan Brown says:

    It is great to see all this love for Silverwood, it is a wonderful park, but I’ve got tow words for you; El Toro! Sorry, Silverwood is out of its league here.

  16. Nicole says:

    We’ve got heart, yes we do!!! Silverwood Blue Baby, All the Way!

  17. Bob says:

    Amazing how it’s going up for silverwood over 3% in the past 20 minutes! Amazing. Smells a little fishy. Do they have a lake there on property?

  18. Doenene says:


  19. Alex says:

    Ugh.. this is so GP.. silverwood would be knocked out first round easily if real coaster enthusiasts voted this, no GP.

  20. David says:

    Alex, there is more to park’s than just coasters.

  21. Delores says:

    Silver wood is the best fir sure ?

  22. Angela Y Strandberg says:


  23. Kristy says:

    Silverwood is my vote!

  24. Kelley says:

    Silverwood is my vote

  25. Andrea says:

    Silverwood is awesome

  26. dylan says:

    Silverwood is amazing and fun place to be.

  27. Alexis says:

    Silver wood is by far the best!!!

  28. Debra Morgan says:

    my computer died Silverwood it’s of our best hope it’s not too late to say that

  29. Andrew says:

    Where the heck is silverwood even located? I call cheating on silverwood and think they rallied their fanboys to go on this site. If Magic Kingdom doesn’t win the whole thing then it just proves my point even more.

  30. Andrew says:

    @Andrew: Silverwood is a park in Athon, ID. They have a very passionate fan base, and have been promoting Park Madness on all of their social media channels.

    They didn’t cheat, they chose to promote something to their fans, who are very passionate about their home park.

  31. Maggi says:

    Holiday World are the friendliest people and wooden roller coaster.

  32. Maggi says:

    Holiday World are the friendliest people and wooden roller coaster.no I’ve never written

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