Construction Update: Carowinds’ County Fair

Yesterday, Coaster101, along with several local area media and journalism students, were invited to take a hard hat tour of Carowinds‘ new County Fair area. A ton of progress has been made since we were at the park back in December, and all plans are to open the County Fair with the rest of the park when it opens for the season on March 25.

Let’s take a look at how the County Fair has progressed in the last few months!

Formerly Dockside Fries, this newly renovated dining location will serve a variety of new “fair faire,” including Fried Corn and Corndogs. It will also feature an outdoor patio seating area.a

Just a shell during our last trip, the Rock N Roller ride has been installed, and work continues on the ride’s exterior. There will be a tunnel inside of the ride that has not been constructed yet.

Lots of work was going on at Electro-Spin, Carowinds’ Mondial Top Scan.

Last month, Carowinds’ construction team placed the base for Electro Spin, which weighs in at a whopping 53,000 pounds. It required a 550-ton crane to lower into place.

Still lots of earth to be moved at the County Fair before opening on March 25.

Electro Spin and the Wave Swinger, Zephyr, will have a common entrance location facing Carolina Harbor, and work was being done on those buildings yesterday.

As we were on the tour, the base for Zephyr was lowered into place with a crane.

The ride base was in place for Do-Si-Do, a HUSS Troika that came to Carowinds from a park in Japan.

When we were at Carowinds back in December, it was a pretty cloudy day. The Flying Cobras new paint job had been completed, but it’s even more impressive in person with a blue sky background.

One more non-County Fair item of note: Carowinds’ Drop Tower received a fresh coat of paint this off-season, and it looks better than ever!

Thanks for checking out our construction update. For more off-season progress from Carowinds, be sure to check out their website at and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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