RollerCoaster Tycoon World Early Access Released

After years of waiting, RCT fans can finally play RCT4 – the long in development RollerCoaster Tycoon World…even though it still is not yet finished. So yes, you can actually purchase, download, and start building coasters just be aware that this isn’t the official final version of the game.  “The Early Access release of RCTW contains the core features and content of the game,” says developer Nvizzio Creations, “Throughout Early Access and beyond we will be adding further content, including piece-by-piece custom-built structures, scenario editor, mini-rides and dark rides, additional scenarios, transport rides and more.”roller coaster tycoon world early access

There are two versions of the game you can download instantly: Standard, which goes for $49.99, and Deluxe which will set you back $59.99. What does the deluxe edition include? Everything in the standard edition plus:

  • Additional Mascot: Wow your guests with the RCT franchise’s classic “Panda” mascot.
  • Digital Art Book: A beautifully designed art book illustrates the story of RCTW art and park elements from concept to in-game.
  • 2 Additional Maps: Build your dream park on two new exotic map packs.
  • Zipper Ride: A brand-new flatride just for our Deluxe Edition users!
  • Golden Park Entrance: Delight guests and show off your solid gold style with an exclusive Deluxe-Edition park entrance.

Other features of RCTW Early Access include:

  • Freeform Object Placement: Control and place every single in-game object anywhere on the map at any angle. For our more casual users we are also providing ‘snap-to’ and ‘brush’ placement functionality to make this enhancement easy to use.
  • Curved Paths: Select your unique type of path from a of widths, styles, and shapes. You can make them straight or, for the first time in the franchise, curve them at almost any angle!
  • Innovative 3D Track Editor: Create the coolest and wildest coasters imaginable with our best track editor ever! For the first time, using our spline based editor, tracks can be fully manipulated in 3D allowing you to create any shape you can dream up.
  • Fully Deformable Terrain with Water: Build amazing rides and change your park’s landscape in full 3D with completely deformable terrain and water.
  • Expansive Selection of In-Game Objects: Entertain your park guests with many different types of coasters and rides, all in eye-popping next generation resolution. Choose from pre-made rides and coasters to scenery and shops

Here’s a good first look at the game in action:

Get RCTW now and start building your dream theme park.

If you’ve already played RCTW, please share your experiences and reviews of the game in the comments below. We’d love to know what you think of it!


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    I’m liking the top thrill dragster station’s.

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