Worlds of Fun Challenges California’s Great America to Super Bowl Bet

Whether they’re watching for the football, the halftime show, or the commercials, this weekend, millions of eyes around the country will be watching Super Bowl LIV between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

Two parties with a vested interest in the game will be Cedar Fair parks Worlds of Fun and California’s Great America, who have placed a wager on the outcome of Sunday’s “big game.”

If the Chiefs win on Sunday, California’s Great America has to fly a Chiefs flag atop their Arrow looping coaster, Demon. If the 49ers win, Worlds of Fun will have to fly a 49ers flag at their park, located at the peak of the park’s tallest coaster, Mamba, a Morgan hyper coaster.

“The Cedar Fair community is a close, tight-knit community, and we’re always sharing ideas with each other,” said Chris Foshee, Communications Manger for Worlds of Fun. “When the possibility of a Super Bowl bet came up following the AFC and NFC Championship games, I got with Danny [Messinger, Digital Marketing Manager for California’s Great America] and his team to see what we could come up with.”

“Despite being bitter enemies for the next week, we set aside our differences and thought through what we could do during the off-season,” Messinger continued. “What better way to show home team pride ahead of the game than to fly their flags atop our parks’ most visible coasters?”

Both parks have laid down the gauntlet on social media with videos.

“We actually came up with the bet last Monday, but it snowed so much here that we couldn’t film our video until yesterday!” Foshee said with a laugh.

Aside from being the closest parks to the Chiefs and 49ers — Worlds of Fun is located in Kansas City, MO and California’s Great America is located in Santa Clara, CA — the two parks each share a bit of football trivia with their “home” teams.

While the 49ers are billed from San Francisco, they actually play their home games in Santa Clara, about 40 miles south of San Francisco. Their home field, Levi’s Stadium, actually shares a city-owned parking lot with California’s Great America, and was constructed on what was formerly an overflow parking lot for the park.

“We’re lucky to call the 49ers our neighbors,” Messinger said. “In fact, their stadium is less than 2,000 feet away from our front gate, so we’re always feeling ‘Niner pride!”

The Kansas City Chiefs were founded in 1960 as the Dallas Texans by businessman Lamar Hunt and were charter members of the American Football League (AFL). In 1963, the team relocated to Kansas City and assumed their current name. Ten years later, Hunt founded another Kansas City icon, Worlds of Fun.

Worlds of Fun is no stranger to supporting their hometown Chiefs. Last year, during the Chiefs’ playoff run, the park temporarily renamed their B&M Invert “Patriot” to “Patrick” in a nod to Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes. It only made sense, as the Chiefs were going up against the New England Patriots.

As for their thoughts on Sunday’s outcome? Foshee and Messinger are both riding strong for their hometown teams.

“I’ll give it to San Fransisco. They have a great defense, but we do too.” Foshee said. “A lot of people underestimate our defense. When you pair that with our high flying offense, the Chiefs are going to be tough to stop. The whole Kansas City community has been hungry for a Super Bowl for a long time. The Chiefs mean so much to the area, and we are really excited to rally behind them this weekend. For that reason alone, the Chiefs will rise to the top.”

“We already know that Sunday’s game is going to be an amazing night for the 49ers,” Messinger said. “We’re faithful that the Niners will be bringing home their sixth Super Bowl win—and serve Worlds of Misery to the Chiefs!”

Are either Foshee or Messinger worried about having to traverse the stairs that lead to Demon’s 102′ or Mamba’s 205′ lift to plant the other team’s flag? Of course not.

“Please, we’re not worried,” Messinger said. “The 49ers flag is going to look mighty nice on top of Mamba.”

“I won’t have to go back up there. We’ve already put the only flag that will fly atop Mamba, because we know the Chiefs are going to win.” Foshee replied confidently.

Who will win? Be sure to watch Sunday’s game to find out!

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