Valravn’s First Drop Completed

The brutal cold temperatures aren’t hampering Cedar Point construction crews from making amazing progress on Valravn, the new-for-2016 Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) dive coaster. The park’s director of communications, Tony Clark, has been sharing the coaster’s progress on his Twitter page.


The final piece of track separating the post-lift turn and the 214-foot drop was installed last week.


The lift hill, standing at a dive-coaster-record 223 feet will be visible from many areas within the park.


Before long, the coaster’s 24-seat trains (riders seated eight abreast in three rows) will be plunging toward the earth.


All photos © Cedar Point

Soon, the coaster’s lift hill won’t look as bare once the remainder of the coaster’s twisted layout is completed:


See a short video of the drop below:

What do you think of Valravn so far? How do you think it will compare to the other B&M dive coasters? Discuss in the comments section below.