Billion-Dollar Investment in Disneyland Proposed

Disney is mulling a $1 billion investment in the Disneyland Resort — but only if the mouse receives a “gate tax” break.

According to the LA Times, Disney will move forward with the investment if the city of Anaheim, where the park is located, agrees to extending a tax break that prevents taxation of Disneyland Resort admission tickets.


This tax deal has been in place since 1996 and is set to expire in 2016. Disney is asking the deal to be extended for 30 years.

Disney officials aren’t specifying which parks would receive upgrades as a part of the $1 billion investment, but they did reveal there are no plans in place for a third theme park in Anaheim.

Disney Chairman Bob Iger has hinted that the Disney parks across the globe could receive Star Wars-themed attractions as part of the sci-fi franchise’s revival. And of course, the mega-hit “Frozen” certainly warrants an inspired attraction (or two). And let’s not forget about Marvel (wishful thinking on my part).


Construction on the new attractions would begin by late 2017 and would be finished by the end of 2024.

Of course, there is some pushback among local politicians who believe the company shouldn’t be exempt from paying the entertainment (gate) tax.

Interestingly enough, no other Disney park has an admission tax, so it’s understandable that Disney would be interested in forgoing the additional loss in revenue.

What do you think about gate taxes like this. Should theme parks be taxed by admissions? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.