1968 Disneyland Guide and Map

While digging through some old maps at my parent’s house, we stumbled upon a Disneyland guide book from 1968! The 29 pages lists every single attraction and includes a Disneyland park map from 1968.

disneyland guide 1968

A couple of my notes and observations:

  • Public telephones were located within Disneyland as well as several mailboxes where you could mail a letter or card.
  • You could kennel your pet for only fifty cents a day.
  • The attractions still used individual tickets and you could purchase a book of 10 or 15.
  • You could take a guided tour of Disneyland for $3.50.
  • You could buy an entire meal for less than $4.00.
  • Main Street had five modes of transportation: main street horse cars, horseless carriage, omnibus, fire engine, and surreys.
  • You can buy a copy for yourself for $40 on ebay

Check out the entire guide book by flipping through the slides embedded below:

disneyland map 1968

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