Flyover America Ride Planned for Mall of America

Last week, Mall of America announced the first FlyOver America attraction will open inside the mall spring 2016.

FlyOver America is a flight simulation ride that takes guests on a “breathtaking, aerial tour of some of the greatest landmarks and regions throughout the United States in virtual flight technology.”

As seen below, the ride is similar to Disney’s Soarin’ attractions at Disney California Adventure and Epcot.


Similar to Soarin’, Flyover America will include wind, mist and scents while soaring across a variety of American landscapes.

During the feature ride, guests will strap in and be suspended in the air with feet dangling 10 to 25 feet above the ground in specialized ride vehicles before a giant half-spherical dome screen. Guests will truly feel the thrilling sensation of flight as they move in concert with the FlyOver America film and use of special effects.

“The addition of FlyOver America will offer guests a one of a kind experience while adding to the many lifelong memories we are committed to helping our guests create during each visit to Mall of America,” said Jill Renslow, Senior Vice President for Mall of America. “The innovative technology and talent behind the attraction reinforces Mall of America as a must-visit tourist destination.”

The custom-built attraction is being created by a worldwide team of technicians, manufacturers and consultants, including Los Angeles-based former Disney “Imagineer” Rick Rothschild.

Film crews are currently shooting the actual film, using a helicopter over the year to capture landscapes across the United States during each season.

“Building on our success in Canada, we looked at many sites around the world before choosing Mall of America and the state of Minnesota for our U.S. expansion”, said Andrew Strang, co-founder of FlyOver. “We couldn’t imagine a better home for our first FlyOver America and are honored to launch at this world-renowned location. The appeal of feeling like you’re truly soaring over stunning landscapes in a fun environment is universal.”


FlyOver America will be located in the southwest corner of Nickelodeon Universe located in Mall of America, home to more than 520 world-class shops and attractions. Admission will be separate from the theme park. The ride is suitable for ages 4 and older.

Construction on the project was expected to begin earlier this week.

Have you ridden Flyover Canada? Share your thoughts about the experience in the comments section below.