Fury 325 Media Day Report

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18 Responses

  1. J says:

    I’m glad you got to ride..sounds awesome..Question:.do you think it would be necessary for me to buy a fast lane past if I goto the park next Tuesday 3/31..I’m thinking during the week there won’t be a crowd?

  2. Andrew says:

    @J — I haven’t been on a K-12 Spring Break schedule in a while, but I think that is the only reason Carowinds is open during the week March 30-April 3, and April 6-April 10. Be prepared for some crowds, but it really depends on how much you want to get done.

    If you get to the park early, you should be able to get everything accomplished that you want to get done, without the use of a Fastlane Pass. I went on the Last Day of Operation last year, (pre Fury 325 obviously) but I rode every ride that I wanted to accomplish multiple times (Intimidator, Nighthawk, Afterburn, Thunder Road, Carolina Cobra, Hurler, Drop Tower, etc) by about 2:30pm, after arriving at 10.

    If you don’t want to get the Fast Lane pass, there are several opportunities to play Plinko in the park to win 1-Use Fast Lane for Nighthawk/Intimidator, and I think I saw a Plinko Board over by the Juke Box Diner on Wednesday for Fury 325.

    My advice would be to get there, ride as much as you can early, and get a feel for the crowds starting at about Noon. If you want to spend the money for the Unlimited Fastlane, it will work in your favor, and you’ll get to continuously ride, but you have to determine if multiple rides on certain things are worth the extra fee you’ll be paying.

  3. J says:

    @Andrew- thanks for the great advice.. I appreciate it.

  4. Tyler says:

    How do you believe the ride stacks up against other giga coasters? (Millennium Force in particular)

  5. Andrew says:

    @Tyler – as far as Giga Coasters, I’ve been on Millenium Force, Intimidator 305, and now Fury 325. I’d rank them:
    1. Fury 325
    2. Millenium Force
    3. I305
    Fury to me was the smoothest of the 3, and that’s a big thing with my personal roller coaster preferences. I’m also a B&M snob (8 of my personal top 10 [out of 100 total] are B&M tracks.), so that plays into it as well. I want to go to Canada’s Wonderland soon and try to experience Leviathan.

  6. Eric says:

    So far, Cedar Fair has installed 4 giga-coasters. Millennium Force (Cedar Point), Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominion), Leviathan (Canada’s Wonderland), and Fury 325 (Carowinds). It would be interesting to see which Cedar Fair park could be next in line to receive a giga-coaster.

    Six Flags has yet to invest in a giga-coaster. The only Six Flags park I could see eventually receiving a giga-coaster would be Six Flags Magic Mountain, even though chances may be slim at best. Otherwise, I would lean toward California’s Great America or Knott’s Berry Farm being the next Cedar Fair park (first on US west coast) to receive a giga-coaster.

  7. Andrew says:

    @Eric — Though Six Flags hasn’t opened a Giga Coaster yet, they are the only parks in the U.S. receiving the Rocky Mountain Construction Wooden Coaster Conversions (6 so far: Goliath at SFGAm, Iron Rattler at SFFT, Medusa at SFMexico, New Texas Giant at SFOT, Twisted Collosus at SFMM, and Wicked Cyclone at SFNE). I guess each chain has their own thing that they want to be known for right now.

  8. Nick says:

    Personally, I’d love to see Kings Island get the next Cedar Fair Giga! Imagine what they could do with that terrain, though their recent trend is going right over the front gate.

  9. JOHN says:

    I appreciate your commentary on Fury. However didn’t you like forget to describe almost two thirds of the ride?? How was the first drop? How was the second hill/overbanked turn? What about the super high speed lower turns after that? What about what looks like good air time on the 180 degree turn? Please let us know! Thanks!

  10. Smurf says:

    I really enjoyed reading about your experience with Fury. After getting my fair share of Intimidator, I think I am going to love Fury. I have been skeptical lately due to what seems like multiple times on the ride people were trapped. I really wouldn’t like that. Question, which do you feel is better, front or back?

  11. Andrew says:

    @Smurf I loved the back! I get to ride during Coasting For Kids on June 7, so I can give a different perspective of different rows.

  12. Andrew says:

    @Smurf — Also, don’t worry about the ride getting stuck. It happened once. And Fury functioned just like it was supposed to in that situation.

  13. Kash says:

    Was reading up about Fury and came across this article. Completely agree about the final bumps being some of the best. I also rode Fury 11 times in a row this Sunday (Thanks to a fast lane pass :D). (Wonder if I set a record of any sort lol). The regular lanes were extremely long and slow but the fast lane was empty 95% of the time! Was completely worth it.


  14. Lee says:

    So is there a weight restriction or big boy seats on the Fury 325? I plan on going this summer and don’t like doing the walk of shame….

  15. Catherine james says:

    Does the Fury have bigger seats? Compared to Intimidators seats?

  16. Andrew says:

    @Lee – I’ve ridden several other times this summer without much of an issue. I was right on the line. Use the test seat if you’re unsure!
    @Catherine — they’re pretty similar. Both require two-three clicks of the clamshell.

  17. Jay says:

    So glad you got to ride it man! I’ve ridden Fury a total of 106 times in its inaugural season and it never gets old! My goal for the season was to reach 100 rides and I got it, 325 is my goal next year! Each and every time seems to just get better and better! It’s so smooth, the speed is amazing especially in the front and back rows (in my opinion, you can feel it the most there – it just does not stop!), the first drop goes on FOREVER, g-forces are incredible in those turns especially in the horseshoe, killer airtime, definitely the best airtime I’ve ever experienced. If I were gonna rate it, I would give it a definite 20-10. I hold a platinum pass and am the biggest coaster nut! I’ve been to Carowinds this season a total of 12 times, including Cedar Point and tried to get to Kings Island but it was closed for a private event when I went to Ohio. I’ve probably been on about 200 coasters at mostly Cedar Fair parks, Hershey Park, Six Flags parks, etc.! Comparing Millennium Force to Fury 325, for me, Fury wins big time! To me, it eats up MF and pukes it all over the place. But, Millennium is still a great ride don’t get me wrong. Unfortunately. tje season has come to an end but look forward to more fun next year! Will be going to most parks next year including Cedar Point to ride Valravn, Kings Island and Canada’s Wonderland! Bottomline, RIDE Fury 325 it is a 3 1/2 minute thrill of a lifetime you will never ever forget!

    My top 3 favorite gigas are:
    1. Fury 325
    2. Millennium Force
    3. I-305

    My top 3 favorite coasters of all time:
    1. Fury 325
    2. Millennium Force
    3. Top Thrill Dragster

  18. Greg Bentkowski says:

    Nice article. Just because you are big does not mean your fat. Im 6-4 and a lot of legs. I hav trouble on the millennium force. We live one hour from cedar point so we buy platinum passes and go as much as we can. Maverick might be the best overall coaster but I agree, Fury 325, MF then I305. Last year we spent a few days at Kings dominion and dorney park. We just got home from Carowinds. We have been to kings island and are planning a trip to Canadas Wonderland to try Liviathon and Bohemoth. Its nice to have been on the roller coasters that other people compare so I can offer my thoughts and agree. The Top thrill at cedar point is a great short ride but needs to be removed. It is a waste of space. It is broken down way too much.

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