Photo Update: Fury325 Construction

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10 Responses

  1. rcr22 says:

    Great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. rcr22 says:

    If I had the chance to go to either Kings Island or Dollywood, which one should I pick?

  3. John says:

    I think Fury 325 will be a real hit. It’s beautiful, fast, and I bet it will be quite exciting to dive under the front entrance at speed.

  4. Coaster Kid 15 says:

    It’s such a work of art! I doubt it…but I REALLY hope I can get on it next year!

  5. Coaster Kid 15 says:

    Oh, and I would definitely go to Kings Island!

  6. rcr22 says:

    Fury is going to knock Millennium off the board – and that’s saying something. What a massive coaster!

  7. rcr22 says:

    @CoasterKid15: I am probably going to KI, but it’s pretty far away…

  8. rcr22 says:

    Does anyone know the angle of ascent of Fury? It would be interesting to compare to Millennium Force’s 45° climb.

  9. rcr22 says:

    Could you guys write a post on your favorite amusement parks?

  10. rcr22 says:

    I love the shot taken at the bottom of the hill…Thanks Andrew!

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