Terrifying Coaster Climb GoPro Video

Ironically, I’m slightly afraid of heights. Yes, a roller coaster enthusiast who is afraid of heights. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds.

But heights only bother me when I’m unconstrained, not strapped into a roller coaster car. If I’m clicking up hundreds of feet in the air with a seat belt, over-the-shoulder restraint or lap bar, I’m fine.

This is one roller coaster “ride” I’m not sure I would get in line for.

Watch below as two men climb “The Roller Coaster” (formerly Manhattan Express) at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. One strapped a GoPro video camera to his head to capture the ascent.

I’m assuming the men work for the casino and had permission to be scaling the structure of the 200-foot-tall TOGO steel coaster.

Which coaster would you climb if you had the equipment and permission? Share in the comments section below.