White Water Branson Announces KaPau Plummet

White Water in Branson, Mo., is launching its 2014 season with its biggest thrill ride to date — the $1.7 million KaPau Plummet, a four-story, drop-floor double water slide tower. Each of the 240-foot dueling slides will drop riders two stories at a 70-degree angle, followed by a spiraling loop.


The bottom of each KaPau Plummet slide capsule will drop from beneath riders’ feet, allowing them to “free fall for two stories at 70 degrees, speeding at 26 feet per second into a looping 240-foot translucent waterslide before final splashdown. Spectators will be able to watch the riders’ rocket-like plunge and see them spiral through the loops.”

“KaPau Plummet will be quite a thrill,” said Cory Roebuck, White Water Director of Operations, explaining that ‘kapau’ is a U.S. surfer slang term meaning the next big wave or the next big thing, pronounced KA-POW. “You’ll load into the capsule 40 feet up, stand on the AquaLaunch trap door and hear the countdown, 3…2…1 KAPAU! Then the floor drops out and you’ll free fall at 70 degrees for two stories before the slide catches you, and the drop will literally take your breath away.”

KaPau Plummet site plan:


Watch the KaPau Plummet announcement video below:

KaPau Plummet statistics:

  • Tower height – 40 feet
  • Speed – 26 feet per second
  • Two translucent slides, 3’ in diameter
  • Length of flume slides: 243.8’ & 246.2’
  • AquaLaunch capsules with drop-floor plunge – Rider free fall 2 stories
  • Capacity – 360 riders per hour with 2 slides
  • Waterflow – 1,000 gallons per minute
  • Manufacturer – WhiteWater West, Ltd., British Columbia, Canada
  • Budget: $1.7 million
  • Opening expected mid-May 2014

To learn more, visit White Water’s website.


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